Not Happy With Settlement Offer

Not Happy With Settlement Offer

Not happy with settlement offer? That’s your right. If you are not happy with settlement offer I want to tell you the most important legal rights and legal options available in most situations. However, the level of your settlement depends highly on the answers to these questions.

People not happy with settlement offer can decide to make a counteroffer asking for a higher settlement. However, making a counteroffer is a complex issue, because the opposition might deny your counteroffer and might end up lowering their settlement. Evaluating an offer to settle is best done by hiring an attorney.

Settlement offer attorney Jimmy Hanaie, esq. provides a free consultation for you to discuss the facts of your case including your injuries, damages, loss of income, and more. He has been a lawyer since the year 2013 and has helped many people obtain strong settlements over the years.

Options If Not Happy With Settlement Offer

Not Happy With Settlement Offer

One of the top choices people generally make when they are unhappy with a settlement offer or not happy with their lawyer, is that they will begin to look for information regarding changing lawyers in the middle of a case or during settlement.

In fact, usually it is completely okay and acceptable to change attorneys even if it is in the middle of a case or an offer for settlement has already been received. There may be a lot more compensation or remedy available that is being left on the table.

The very first option is to speak with an experienced attorney regarding the issue. I know that you have already spoken to other attorneys, but now that your case has received a settlement offer it can help a lot to reevaluate your choice of legal counsel. It may be possible to get a higher settlement that you are left happy with.

Settlement OfferDamages / Injury
How much was the settlement for?What are your injuries or damages?

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