My New Car Keeps Breaking Down

My New Car Keeps Breaking Down

My new car keeps breaking down happens too much. If my new car keeps breaking down, I would want to know my legal rights and options to be in the position moving forward. Consumers have legal rights and when dealerships and automobile manufacturers fail at their duties, the consumer can often sue for compensation.

My new car keeps breaking down can mean that your new car is a lemon law vehicle. Under the lemon law, consumers who have leased or purchased a car have certain rights if their car keeps breaking down. The consumer may be entitled to a reimbursement refund of the car payments and downpayment under certain circumstances.

Discovering that your new car has been breaking down or having defects is not enough however. Rather, you still need to take the car to the authorized dealership repair shop for them to repair your vehicle under warranty usually. If the dealership is unable to repair or replace the vehicle with a reasonable number of days or visits, your car may be deemed a lemon.

New Car Keeps Breaking Down

The year of your car is generally important in making this determination. Cars that are under regular manufacturer warranty period when their vehicle breaks down, have a stronger likelihood of having a good lemon law case.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie can review your vehicle records and contract regardless of the model car you have. For example, we can look at your documents for your Ford, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Land Rover, GMC, Chevrolet, or other vehicle.

By reviewing relevant documents provided to you by the dealership, we gain good information about all the problems your vehicle is having such as breaking down or not running properly.

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