My Lease Car Keeps Breaking Down

My Lease Car Keeps Breaking Down

My lease car keeps breaking down! Attorney Jimmy hears my lease car keeps breaking down a lot throughout his career as a lemon law attorney. The reason for that is that the lemon law is specifically designed for vehicles such as lease cars that have defects or break down . A recently leased vehicle should not be breaking down too much.

When a lease car keeps breaking down, the consumer may have a lemon law case and be entitled to compensation. Manufacturer dealerships are responsible for providing safe vehicles to their consumers. So when a car has defects, they may be required to repurchase or replace the vehicle.

Dealerships are well aware of the lemon law, but they still fail to properly repair or replace lease cars in a lot of situations. This leads to ongoing and continuing problems for the consumer such as engine problems, sluggish acceleration problems. transmission issues, and more.

Lease Car Keeps Breaking Down

If your leased car, truck, or motorcycle is having problems or breaking down, you should deffinetly learn more about the lemon law. For example, did you know that we charge no fee unless we win your lemon law case. We only get paid when we represent you and you win.

Fighting for justice is what we believe in. So we choose to fight against dealerships that are trying to take advantage of their customers and fail to keep them and their families safe. After all, a dangerous vehicle can lead to a lot of damages, injury, wrongful death, and other tragedies.

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