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My Lawyer Wont Answer My Calls

My Lawyer Wont Answer My Calls

You’re asking why is it that my lawyer wont answer my calls? After all, it is your lawyer, so why wont the lawyer answer your calls? Here we will discuss some important information to keep in mind when you have a lawyer that you are having communication issues with.

A lawyer is not required to answer every phone call. Lawyers can be busy in meetings, court, trial, and throughout their life in general. However, attorneys do have a duty and obligation to communicate with their clients. Attorneys should and must discuss important developments of their clients case with them.

Generally, when you have an attorney, most of the communication is done through phone calls and emails. So if your lawyer is not answering your calls and you are not hearing from your attorney, this is really a major issue. One thing that happens when a lawyer does not answer calls is that the client often times changes his or her lawyer to a more grateful one.

So, if your lawyer wont answer your calls, you might want to do what so many other people do which is change your lawyer. At least, you can choose to get a free consultation call with a lawyer that can go over the facts of your case with you.

What To Do If My Lawyer Wont Answer My Calls

Next Step

If a lawyer wont answer your calls, the next step is to get a free consultation with another attorney. By getting a free second opinion from a different attorney, it may shine light to new facts associated with your legal claim or legal matter.

Lawyers fail to answer phone call or wont answer phone calls for many reasons. Since practicing law is a highly service oriented business, many lawyers simply might not be answering your call because they may be too busy with a heavy caseload.

However, that is not an exception for the lawyer. The lawyer should not take more cases than the lawyer can reasonably handle. It may be unreasonable for the attorney to be avoiding you, ignoring your calls, and letting your calls go to voicemail. At the very least, the attorney should call you back at their early convenience.

Don’t hesitate and don’t wait. Legal cases move quickly and time is passing by day by day and moment to moment. It is important to take matters into your own hands by picking up the phone and getting a free consultation with our law firm. Call (800) 400-5050.

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