My Lawyer Missed The Filing Date

My Lawyer Missed The Filing Date

If my lawyer missed the filing date, I would want to know my options. When a lawyer has missed the filing date important things happen. However, it generally means that that the client is harmed from it.

When a lawyer missed the filing date, will most likely be dismissed due to missing the statute of limitations deadline. In addition, you may have a potential legal malpractice case against the lawyer who has missed your filing date. You may be entitled to compensation.

Before panicking, it is important to know what filing deadline was missed by your attorney. Some deadlines are more harmful to your case than others. For example, if your attorney missed the filing date of your civil complaint, missing the statute of limitations can prevent you from being able to have a case.

The best thing to do is speak to us about what has happened. Many times, we will be able to look up your case on the court website and see if there is any information about it on the docket.

What If My Lawyer Missed The Filing Date?

The best thing to do is to speak with an attorney about your legal rights. Even though one attorney may have messed up your case and missed the deadline for filing the lawsuit, another attorney may still be able to help you.

In general, attorneys have their own level of professionalism and organization and differ on many aspects from one another. A lot of times in the legal market, lawyers go head to head against each other in all kinds of cases that might involve a plaintiff and a defendant.

Legal malpractice cases when an attorney has missed a filing date, work in a somewhat similar style. We can help represent people who have been wronged by their attorney, and the defense will likely have legal representation that we will go up against.

A lot of times their defense attorneys might be provided by the attorney’s legal malpractice insurance carrier.

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