My Lawyer Is Taking Too Long To Settle My Case?

My Lawyer Is Taking Too Long To Settle My Case?

What should I do if my lawyer is taking too long to settle my case? Why is my lawyer is taking too long to settle my case? Understanding why this is happening and what do about it next is very important. Also, you should know that it can be very easy to change or switch lawyers in the middle of a civil legal claim without needing to pay extra.

Generally, whether your lawyer is taking too long to settle your case can be better understood by knowing at least two major factors. First, it matters how well the facts and circumstances of your legal situation prove that you should win according to the law. Second, the more uncertain everyone involved is about the amount the settlement should be, the more delay can be expected in making that determination during the settlement process.

Your situation is very unique and the facts of your story are different than other people. So, take a moment to think about how your legal situation occurred and how debatable the facts are. For example, in a car accident scenario, by looking at the damage of the cars it is easier to show who is at fault if one car hit the other car from behind. That is usually much easier to prove than a situation in which a person fell down in a store, because exactly how and why the person fell down is usually more debatable. So, if your case involves facts that are more debatable, it should usually take a longer time for the case to finish.

Also, how arguable the damage and injuries involved in the legal claim are makes a huge difference. For example, in a personal injury claim, the amount and extent of the medical treatment someone needs can be very questionable. That is why lawyers want to be certain that their customer has received all the medical treatment they need before they finish settlement. By waiting until all the costs and bills are known they will know more about the actual amount of damages or injuries involved. This type of calculation is also important in real estate, workers compensation, wrongful death, and other types of civil legal claims. The clarity both sides of the legal debate have about the amount the settlement in question should be to properly compensate the injured person makes a big impact on the time needed for negotiation.

Important Information

You should know that you usually have the option of switching lawyers. Usually, in a civil type of legal claim, it is relatively easy to change your lawyer for a better one. However, you should first determine if your lawyer is amazing or just mediocre. Furthermore, some lawyers might be committing fraud or malpractice in rare instances.

If you call us for a free consultation, we could help you determine if you want to request a copy of your legal file from your lawyer. Your legal file should have a lot of information about the stage your legal claim is in and what actions have already been completed. By gaining information about the current status of your legal situation, it will be a lot easier to determine if the delay is reasonable or unnecessary. Sometimes, the delay can be so bad that you might possibly be able to sue the lawyer for malpractice. However, most of the time there is a reasonable explanation for the long timespan legal debates take.

The delay can be caused because of the lawyer waiting for other people to send verbal responses, documents, photographs, police reports, and more. Most legal matters involve at least two different opposing sides of the legal argument. Additionally, the lawyer must generally coordinate and cooperate with other relevant people such as doctors, therapists, witnesses, experts, police department, and more. Sometimes, the lawyer can speed up the process by communicating with these people more often.

My Lawyer Is Taking Too Long To Settle My Case?

Has a formal lawsuit been filed with a courthouse? Depending on if the courthouse is involved in the legal claim, the court process can be lengthy as well. Not only does litigation take a long span of time, but sometimes the courthouse is so busy that longer delays can happen. The scheduling of court dates on their busy calendar can result in important courthouse meetings to be scheduled weeks, months, or maybe years later.

The level of experience and dedication of the lawyer also impact the total time entailed. A more experienced and reputable lawyer might be more productive and know how to move specific aspects of the negotiation forward faster. Less experienced lawyers could sometimes require to spend much more time for researching the law, writing legal documents, negotiating with the insurance company adjuster, and other tasks.

Also, the amount of team members the law firm has can also impact how well they can manage the large number of files they are working on. However, a bigger size law firm is not always better, because a smaller law firm might be more selective or specialized. The quantity and quality of time and attention they give to you is very important.

You should contact our law firm for a free consultation, free second opinion, and free claim evaluation. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the level of care and attention you are receiving you should consider changing your lawyer. Your lawyer might not care about your case, have higher priority claims than yours, be understaffed, forget deadlines, be incompetent, or even be committing fraud/malpractice.

Thankfully, you can call (800) 400-5050 to get a completely free consultation with a lawyer today. We are available 7 days a week for you, day or night. We want to speak to you whether you have a dog bite, wrongful death, car truck accident, supermarket slip and fall, probate dispute, amputation, paralysis, breach of contract, burn injury, bad faith, wildfire, brain injury, or other type of legal claim. Disclaimer: To be represented by our law firm, we must both sign a formal written retainer agreement together.

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