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My lawyer is not helping me

My lawyer is not helping me

We are here to answer your statement “My lawyer is not helping me,” because it is not good if your lawyer is not helping you. You got a lawyer so that the lawyer would be helping you and now the lawyer is not. However, there is something important details to know about your legal options.

When your lawyer is not helping you it may be a good time to get a free consultation from a different attorney. However, many times your lawyer may be helping you without you knowing. It may be possible that it is a communication issue between you and the lawyer. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with your attorney, you can change or switch your attorney in most cases.

Begin by contacting us for a free consultation. A couple things we need to know and learn from you are what the current stage of your case is and what your goals and expectations are from the case.

It may be the case that your lawyer is helping you, but that your opinions differ from that of your attorney and that is okay. But, it is important to have realistic expectations based on the type of case you have and the strength of the facts and how much possible insurance or form of funds their are in the defendants pockets that you can obtain.

What If My Lawyer Is Not Helping Me?

What Should I Do?

Examine the facts of your situation and any communications you have had with your attorney to see where the case currently is in terms of the stage of the case and what has already been done.

Has there been a lawsuit filed? Have there been any court hearings? Are there any dates on the calendar regarding your claim, deposition, discovery, or anything else?

We would like to know this information in order to let you now if our lawyers can help you with your case.

We now how difficult it can be when you are searching my lawyer is not helping me, but in order for us to be able to help you we need to learn more about you and the facts of your situation.

Call us today for a free evaluation, we would love to hear from you. It is a completely free call and there is no obligation. We might be able to take over the handling of your case moving forward. Call (800) 400-5050.

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