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My Lawyer Is Ignoring Me

My Lawyer Is Ignoring Me

My Lawyer Is Ignoring Me

My lawyer is ignoring me what should I do? If your lawyer is ignoring you there are some important steps to take. Your lawyer may in fact be dodging your communications and ignoring you altogether. Yes indeed, your lawyer may be really avoiding or ignoring you, but other times it might be a simple misunderstanding.

Generally, my lawyer is ignoring me is a feeling many people get when there is miscommunication with an attorney. Lawyers must ethically communicate with their clients and keep them informed about their legal case developments.

Duty To Communicate

Attorneys understand that they have a legal duty and obligation to communicate with their clients regarding important developments in their case. Not doing so can potentially result in legal malpractice issues and bad customer service reputation.

Working On Your Case

My Lawyer Is Ignoring Me

If your lawyer is ignoring you, the lawyer might also not be working in your best interest. However, it is a good idea to give the attorney an opportunity to explain why there has been miscommunication between you and the attorney. There may be a good reason sometimes.

Check Reviews

In this day and age with the number of attorneys that are available to choose from lawyers know that they should give their lawyers good customer service and attention. By checking the attorney’s online reviews, you may find that other people have been upset as well regarding miscommunication.

Email Spam Folder

my lawyer is ignoring me

Your attorney may have responded to you through email. Always check your spam folder to see if an email from the attorney or law firm may have gone to your gmail spam folder. This can help a lot in some cases.


Lawyers can be very busy in meetings or in court proceedings. So it is important to leave voicemails and stating your name, phone number, and message as clearly as possible. In addition, the attorney might have responded to your call and left you a voicemail, so it is important to check your voicemail and answering machine. You may have missed a call.

Check The Mail

Law firms often send clients letters in the mail to your address provided such as your home address, office address, or PO Box. Always check to see if you may have received any snail mail from the attorney or law firm. There may have been important developments in the law firm company setup.

Check Their Website

my lawyer is ignoring me

Checking the law firm website can prove to be very helpful in some instances where you may believe the lawyer is ignoring you. The law firm contact information may have been updated and the new contact information may be provided on their website such as a new phone number, new email address, or new location.

Visit The Law Firm

Some law firms have a physical law firm location near you that you may be able to visit. Some of these offices are open to the public or to clients and it is always better to schedule an appointment or meeting first. However, visiting the law firm office can be a good way to be heard.

Investigate Further

my lawyer is ignoring me

Sometimes, it may be the case that your lawyer has been disbarred or has passed away. It may be a good idea to contact the state bar association and asking for any information they might have about the attorney. In addition, most state bars have contact information about the attorney on their website and you can check to see if you have the most updated contact information.

Change Law Firms

If your lawyer doesn’t answer your calls, emails, or other communication that is not good. You may have left voicemails and been waiting for a response and have heard nothing back. Get a free consultation with another lawyer.

Speak With Another Lawyer

my lawyer is ignoring me

It may also be a very good idea to speak with another lawyer from a different law firm. Generally, you are able to change or switch your lawyer even in the middle of a case and it may be very beneficial for you. Having a powerful lawyer that cares about your case is very important. We offer a completely free consultation and free case evaluation. (800) 400-5050.

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