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My Lawyer Has Disappeared?

My Lawyer Has Disappeared?

You feel: my lawyer has disappeared. If your lawyer has disappeared, you want to know what to do next. However, there are very important things to consider if your lawyer has gone missing or is ignoring you.

Generally, my lawyer has disappeared, is a statement that can indicate that your lawyer has gone missing, ignoring the client, or not communicating properly. There are both legal and financial ramifications that can arise from this situation.

Type of Case

The type of case you have can play a big role in what to do next. However, it is always a good idea to get a free second opinion or free consultation with our law firm.

Often, we can look on the court electronic system and try to pull up the information for your legal case. That way it might provide our law firm with some additional information to see if we can sign up and help you with your legal matter.

There are many types of cases from divorce, custody, criminal law, personal injury, wrongful death, and more.

Lawyer disappeared?

Some attorneys might have not been in contact with you for just a few days or weeks. Other attorneys might have not spoken to you for months or years.

Email if lawyer disappeared?

You may have sent the lawyer or law firm an email, but have got a mailer daemon response indicating that it was never sent properly. That can be because the lawyer has changed their email address. Try asking the law firm or looking online for an up to date email address.

Spam Folder

The lawyer also might have responded to your email, but it may have gone to your spam folder. Always check your spam folder to see if the lawyer has responded to you.

Another Email

Make sure that your email was sent to the correct email address. Also, check your email to see if the lawyer might have responded from a separate email or a different email address (from computer).

phone calls

Phone Calls

You may sometimes be having difficulty reaching your lawyer by a phone call. It is important to leave a voicemail and leave your most up to date contact information.


Check your voicemail to see if the lawyer called you back and left a voicemail for you (from iphone) or samsung etc. If the lawyer does not answer, make sure to leave a voicemail message with correct information.

My lawyer has disappeared?

Letter if my lawyer has disappeared?

It may be helpful to send a communication letter to the lawyer or law firm with your concerns. The lawyer may respond back to you in a written communication as well.

Text Message

Another common form of communication is text message with an attorney. However, it is usually a less formal type of communication than a written letter or email or phone call.

text message

Meeting With Law Firm

You can try scheduling actually going to the law firm and speaking to the lawyer personally. By speaking to the lawyer personally it may be helpful to help clarify concerns.

Sometimes, in certain situations your legal matter might lead to a legal malpractice case. For example, the lawyer might have stole your money, ruined your lawsuit, forgot about statute of limitations, and more.

legal malpractice

Changing Your Lawyer

It may be very helpful to sometimes change your lawyer. For many people, changing lawyers does not cost any extra money. This depends on the type of legal case you have.

Free Consultation 24/7

We have a free consultation 24/7 with a lawyer available for you. Find out more about your legal options when your lawyer has disappeared.

My Lawyer Has Disappeared

Free Ebook

We also have a free ebook that we can send you with additional helpful information. Even if your lawyer has disappeared and later reappeared, you may still be interested in getting a better lawyer. Some people might also have a possible legal malpractice case.

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