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My Lawyer Died Now What Do I Do?

My Lawyer Died Now What Do I Do

If your lawyer died, you may be wondering “My lawyer died now what? What do I do?” and that is completely normal and understandable. It can be very tough to know that your lawyer died and you might not know what step to take next. However, it may be possible for you to change or switch to a different lawyer to help you with your case moving forward.

If your lawyer died, there are several options that you have. You can possibly switch to a different lawyer, your needs for a lawyer might have changed and you might not need the lawyer anymore, or you may want to speak to an outside party or different legal counsel to get some assistance.

In general, it is normal practice for many attorneys to take over the handling of legal matters. Depending on the type of case and stage your case is in it can be less or more complicated to switch attorneys. If your case was a civil case such as a car accident, labor law matter, or wrongful death, it might be easier usually than to change immigration lawyers, or family law attorneys.

One reason for that is because the attorney who passed away probably got a financial retainer from you in exchange for the legal services the lawyer was providing you with.

My Lawyer Died…

If your lawyer died, get a free consultation.

Many attorneys, including myself, are happy to speak to you about your current or potential legal matter. You should speak to an attorney rather than not taking any action, because if you do not take proper steps fast it can harm your case or even get it completely dismissed.

The next attorney will also need you to sign a written and signed retainer agreement before they can represent you or provide any legal advice to you. Fortunately, for many types of cases we work on a contingency basis which means that we only get paid when we win.

It would also be very beneficial for you to try to keep records of any and all communications you have had with the now deceased attorney or their law firm including emails, text messages, voicemails, case documents, correspondences, and more.

Death is part of life, and if your lawyer died it can be a hard time for you as well. We understand how difficult and delicate death can be.

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