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My Car Keeps Needing Repairs

My Car Keeps Needing Repairs

You feel: My car keeps needing repairs. Lawyer Jimmy explains if my car keeps needing repairs. these are the legal options and legal rights that become important. A purchased car or leased car should not keep needing repairs and if it does, you may potentially be entitled to money compensation.

Generally, my car keeps needing repairs is something people say when they might have a legal case under the lemon law rules. Under the lemon law, if you have a car under warranty that keeps needing repairs without the manufacturer dealership being able to repair or replace the vehicle, you may have a lemon law case for money compensation.

There are many repairs that your vehicle may need. For example, engine problems, sluggish acceleration issues, idling engine, shaking, not starting in the cold or hot weather, and all kinds of other problems. If your vehicle is having consistent ongoing problems, you may be entitled to compensation.

Keeps Needing Repairs

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie stands up for people who are being let down by the automotive dealership repair shops and service departments. Whether your car has only been in the repair shop for one lengthy period of time out of service or if your car is having multiple different problems and repair visits, we want to speak to you.

There is no fee unless we win. We offer very affordable legal services, because if we do not win, we simply charge you nothing for our legal services. In order to be represented with our law firm we need a written agreement signed.

Call now to speak with an attorney about the legal issues you are having with a car that is having ongoing or multiple car problems. Call (800) 400-5050.

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