My Car Is A Lemon Meaning

My Car Is A Lemon Meaning

My car is a lemon meaning is defined here. Lemon law attorney Jimmy Hanaie explains my car is a lemon meaning and how it might apply to you. For example, a dealership repair shop service advisor might have told you that your car is a lemon law vehicle and they are unable to repair or replace the vehicle.

My car is a lemon meaning applies to cars that have defects under manufacturer warranty and the dealership is unable to repair or replace the vehicle within a reasonable number of repair attempts or days. If this is the case, you may be entitled to settlement money to reimburse you.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is an experienced and aggressive lemon law attorney for many years know. He has been a lawyer since 2013 and has made the lemon law a major part of his legal practice as a whole. So, if you think your car is having problems and if it is meaning that your car is a lemon, call now for a free consultation.

My Car Is A Lemon

Is your car a lemon? Have you have vehicle problems while your vehicle was under warranty or extended warranty, that may mean that you have a possible lemon law civil case. Based on the Song Beverly Warranty Act in California and the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act in Federal law, the lemon law provides amazing legal rights to vehicle consumers.

A great way to find out if your vehicle matches the meaning of a lemon car, is by allowing us to carefully examine and read your vehicle repair invoices from the dealership. These repair invoices list the problems that you are having with your car and repairs conducted by the dealership.

We also like to look at your vehicle contract, because it will discuss the terms of your lease or purchase and where you got the vehicle from. It will also generally indicate if you had a trade-in vehicle. These types of information help us see if your car can be defined as a lemon car.

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