My Brand New Car Is Faulty What Are My Rights?

My Brand New Car Is Faulty?

What if my brand new car is faulty what are my rights? If your brand new car is faulty, you should learn your legal rights. Hi, I am attorney Jimmy and in this article I will explain what you need to know in this situation.

Generally, if a brand new car is faulty, consumer legal rights can provide beneficial legal options to the consumer. Usually, people who win are able to return their vehicle to the automobile manufacturer. Additionally, the consumer is typically able to get a financial refund settlement. Fortunately, the attorney provides a free consultation and there is no fee unless the client wins. Furthermore, the legal costs of the law firm are usually obtained through the settlement funds.

There are many different types of car problems, defects, and malfunctions. Usually, the most severe issues involve the engine, transmission, and other primary parts. The more significant the car problems are, the stronger your legal claim will likely be. For example, it is very dangerous if your car engine broke down while you were driving on the road. This type of scenario can put your life at risk of injury or death. However, you can potentially have a legal claim even if the problems are less serious.

You should immediately tell the car dealership if you find anything wrong with your car. If your vehicle has car warranty from the automobile manufacturer, chances are high that dealership will try to repair the car. The consumer must provide the dealership with a reasonable time to repair or replace the car. However, if the dealership holds your car for longer than 30 days, they possibly might be violating your legal rights. Alternatively, if the repairs are quicker, we want to know if the problems repeated or different defects occurred.

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If your car has been in the car repair shop multiple times, then you should speak to a lawyer regarding your consumer rights. Even one car repair can be enough for a consumer legal claim in limited situations. Generally, for the lemon law to apply your car warranty must have been valid during the time they tried to fix your car. However, even if you did not have car warranty, you might have a different type of legal claim. For example, other laws are breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, and more.

You should try your best to keep all your car documents. Typically, the car dealership will provide you with the vehicle contract, car repair invoices, car maintenance records, and more. Documents are a very important thing in legal cases. The documents explain a lot about actions of the repair shop and any misrepresentations the dealership could have made. When you call and speak to a lawyer it would be very helpful if you have your car documents available. However, most lawyers will be able to request these documents from the dealership as well.

Sometimes, you can request a rental car from the car dealership. Dealerships provide many people with rental cars while they are fixing the consumer’s vehicle. You should ask the dealership if they can give you a free rental car. When you speak with a lawyer ask them about this process further because it can be complicated and depends on the facts. The lawyer can talk to you about whether you might possibly be entitled to a rental car.

My Brand New Car Is Faulty What Are My Rights?

Sometimes, consumer rights claims can be quick but can also take much longer in other situations. The important thing to do is to get all the car repairs you need. You do not want to be on the freeway driving a dangerous defective vehicle. Also, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible because there can be strict deadlines for your claim. You do not want to delay because you might lose all of your legal rights by waiting too long.

You are thinking my brand new car is faulty what are my rights. Your legal options depend on whether you have a new car or used car, the car warranty, misrepresentations by the dealership, and more. You should schedule to meet with an attorney and go over the facts of your exact situation together. The lawyer can sometimes schedule to meet with you in person at your home or office if you prefer.

Its free to call now and speak with a lawyer. Call (800) 400-5050. You could possibly win a large financial settlement. Additionally, you might be able to return your car. Call for a free consultation 7 days a week, day or night.