My Attorney Dropped My Case?

My Attorney Dropped My Case?

You want to know can “My attorney dropped my case?” If you feel my attorney dropped my case, you want to know if that was acceptable or negligent. Nobody enjoys the feeling of somebody leaving them in the middle of helping them. In this article we discuss the best things to remember in this situation.

Generally, when your lawyer dropped your case, it means that your legal representation has been terminated. For example, if you had a personal injury lawyer working on your legal claim, that lawyer is not working on your case anymore after terminating representation. You should always immediately speak with another attorney for a free consultation to understand your legal rights better.

We want to know why this happened. Occasionally, a lawyer could have canceled representation because of a lack of experience or knowledge. However, sometimes the facts of the legal situation could have been the reason. Accordingly, the amount of injuries or damages that happened could have been somewhat insignificant. Additionally, the incident could have occurred in a way that made proving liability difficult. Continue reading below to learn even more reasons why this generally occurs.

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Optimistically, even if your lawyer has quit, you should call our law firm today. We enjoy speaking to you and determining if our law firm would be able to help you. Not every lawyer is the same, because they have different experiences.

Thankfully, we have been able to help people that were rejected or denied by other law firms. There are many reasons why our law firm could be better equipped to represent you. First, we enjoy fighting against insurance companies even when its difficult. You need to have someone that is confident, experienced, and intelligent. These qualities can help a lot during legal negotiations, litigation, and more.

Honestly, you have two choices. You can either quit, or you can find another way to try to win. Sometimes, a free consultation with our law firm can provide some clarity to the options available. Your previous lawyer might have been unable to operate under the stressful environment. We pride ourselves in being able to stand strong despite hurdles and obstacles along the way.

My Attorney Dropped My Case?

The facts of your legal situation are very important. If your lawyer cannot determine if the situation was your fault, the lawyer will struggle to prove your story during negotiations. The law firm could have accepted your legal claim believing that they would be able to convince the people, but could have failed to have enough evidence to win. So, it is very good to always keep any photographs, videos, or other evidence safe.

The higher the potential settlement can be, the more valuable of an opportunity it is for the lawyer. If your legal situation can potentially win a very large settlement, than the law firm will be more willing to dedicate their efforts to you. Unfortunately, lawyers need to remember the priorities of their business, but should also try their best for their clients. So, if it is impossible to win a reasonable settlement, that can reduce the motivation needed to continue the legal representation.

Another big reason could be that the person you were suing had little money or low insurance coverage. For example, in a car accident case it will be more difficult to sue if the person did not have insurance at the time of the accident. Law firms usually calculate if it is reasonable for them to dedicate their time and resources to win. However, the law firm needs to also consider if the defendant will be able to afford to pay a high settlement. If there was no insurance, this will make it a lot more difficult for the defendant to afford to pay the money.

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