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Motivational Quotes For Paralyzed

Collection of the best motivational quotes for paralyzed person. Top photo sayings about motivational quotes for paralyzed person. This can be newly paralyzed or lifelong. Provided by attorney Jimmy Hanaie, we hope you enjoy them and they inspire you. If you need legal help, you can always call us for a free consultation or just to talk. You are very important to us and we care about you.


“You are a hero. You are a person that is motivated and keeps fighting the difficulty and challenges. Being paralyzed is hard, but you are a champion.”


“Let being paralyzed motivate you. You can still achieve your dreams. You are not the only person on your team. We love you so much.”


“I know this must be a difficult time for you, being paralyzed is certainly painful, and I feel for you. You should know, you are so strong and amazing.”


“You are so powerful, even over your own emotions. I am always here for you. I love you. I want you to know that you and you alone have the power to choose how brave and powerful you are going to be in life. I need to tell you I am so proud of you. Even paralyzed, you impress me. You choose the higher road, and choose to be happy in life. You are such a blessing to me.”


“You have so many gifts and abilities. You are one of the brightest and most intelligent people I know. You struggles with being paralyzed do not make that less. You are stronger and smarter than ever before.”


“You have the abilities to endure. You are a champion for sure. You are one of the most loving and caring people I know. You are a fighter full of strength and know how to make the best out of any situation. Even being paralyzed. I love you.”


“I love how you laugh and enjoy the day. I always think of you every time I pray. Your beautiful laugh brightens up my day. I know being paralyzed is a lot each day, but I know you know the way to love life anyway.”


“One thing I love about you is that you have a lot of hope. You tell your sad emotions nope. Even paralyzed, you heal and cope. You sacrifice your rope to bring others love and hope. You are capable of doing so many amazing things. You live, you laugh, you are so cool so dope. Even more than you knowpe.”


“Some of the most incredible people in life got to where they are through adversity. They fought through the difficulty and challenges and grew even more courage and bravery as a result. I’m sorry you are paralyzed. Anything can happen to anyone, but I am so happy that you happen to be in my life with me.”


“You will see beauty in a new way. Maybe more than you ever knew was even possible before. With a heart as big as yours, even being paralyzed can not take away the love from your life. I know for one that I love you. You strength is so admirable.”


“I want you to know that you are a giver. You brighten my life too the same way I do for you. I am so blessed that you are in my life. You bring a lot of silly times, laughter, love, someone to talk to, and much more. Even paralyzed. You are someone I absolutely adore. I love you. Thank you for being you.”


“Never accept absolutes. You are a powerful individual capable of doing things that no one has though would be ever possible for you in your life. Also, technology is getting better and better every day and so many things are going to be possible. Do not place limitations on yourself. Paralyzed or not, you are one of the most creative and loving people that I know. Never change that.”


“In the game of life, we do not always get to choose the cards that we are dealt. We need to find the joy and love for the game. The daily challenges you go through, calling the bluff, being tough, even when its rough. Always knowing that you are enough. You are someone that I deeply love. Give yourself that love too.”

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