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Lemon Law Pertains To What?

Lemon Law Pertains To What

What is it that the lemon law pertains to? There is a good explanation pertaining to the lemon law topic.

Generally, the lemon law is a type of consumer right which pertains to consumer products or vehicles that are defective. To be protected by the lemon law, the problems usually must have occurred while the product or vehicle was under warranty or extended warranty.

Usually, the lemon law includes protections for used cars, new cars, motorcycles, boats, and more when they are defective or have significant issues.

In this article I will go in further depth about what the lemon law pertains to, what qualifies under the lemon law, and how it may apply to you!

Below I have compiled a list of the different types of vehicles and other consumer products that the lemon law may apply to.

Lemon Law Pertains To List

1. Cars

Lemon Law Pertains To List

The most obvious item on list of consumer goods that typically qualify under the consumer rights lemon law is the protections for cars and vehicles. However, even within the vehicle space, there are important things to consider and remember. Not every car situation is equal.

New Cars

If you have a new car that you purchased or leased or financed etc, and it is having significant problems, and the automobile manufacturer has refused or been unable to adequately fix or replace the vehicle within a “reasonable number” of days in a row or certain number of visits for repair attempts, you may have a strong lemon law case on your hands. New cars are usually vehicles that are just a few years old.

Yes, Leased Vehicles Can Be Lemons.

Does lemon law pertain to leased cars? As a lawyer, I love lease lemon law cases and financed lemon law cases. The reason being that if your vehicle is a lease, you generally have a strong vehicle warranty in place providing you with the foundation for a strong lemon law claim if your vehicle develops problems.

You may be able to do an early termination of your lease contract and get a reimbursement of the money you paid as your down-payment, monthly payments, and more. You usually get a large portion of your money back, but they typically do deduct certain fees and usage fees and usage costs from your settlement or legal recovery.

Does lemon law pertain to used cars?

Does lemon law pertain to used cars? Most people desperately want to know what type exactly of new cars, used cars, private party vehicles, certified preowned vehicles, consumer electronics, appliances, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and more may qualify within the sometimes chaotic and confusing parameters meticulously set by the consumer lemon law.

Warranty for used cars?

Often when considering whether your used car qualifies under the lemon law process, it is important to know if your vehicle is covered under a manufacturer warranty coverage or extended warranty may potentially qualify as well. Unfortunately, if you purchased your vehicle “as is” from a private party or private dealership not associated with the automobile manufacturer, it will be very difficult to hold that automobile manufacturer liable or accountable because they did not sell YOU the car and the car has no warranty.

Yes, it has warranty.

However, if the vehicle was a certified used car and/or does have warranty, you may still have a valid lemon law claim against the vehicle dealership manufacturer sometimes even if you bought the vehicle from a private party or outside private dealership such as Carmax. That is because you can be protected under the warranty even if the car is used as long as the vehicle has warranty or at least had warranty for a period of time while you had the vehicle in your possession.

No Warranty, No Problem?

If the vehicle did not have warranty nor extended warranty while it was under your possession, you may still have a possible type of case such as a potential auto fraud case, breach of contract case, or other type of claim, but it will usually be a lot more difficult to prove and win.

2. The Lemon Law Pertains To Motorcycles.

Lemon Law Pertains To

Although less common than cars, the lemon law can also pertain and apply to motorcycles. It is usually the case that motorcycles are not as expensive as cars, so the legal case settlement might be smaller as well. I also feel that the motorcycle manufacturers are more unaware of the laws regarding lemon law as compared to the automobile manufacturers.

That being said, you can still get paid a lot of compensation in a motorcycle lemon law case in California. I have a lot of love for bikers and have enjoyed representing them in the past.

3. The lemon law pertains to boats and watercraft.

Lemon Law Pertains To

California lemon law and California boat laws are very strong as well and can become powerful and beneficial lemon law cases in the correct circumstances. This includes many types of boats and watercraft such as yachts, jet skis, recreational watercraft, vessels, and other kinds of boats and watercraft that have problems with boat motors or other issues and were sold or leased or financed etc under warranty.

A list of watercraft and boats covered under lemon law include:

  1. Sail boats, sailing sailboats.
  2. Yachts
  3. Pontoon boats
  4. Catamarians
  5. Motor boats and boat motors
  6. Fishing boats and fish boats
  7. Speed boats and speedboats
  8. Jet skis and waverunners

A list of some of the main boat manufacturers that we can represent you in a lemon law case pertains to:

  1. Alumacraft Boat Co.
  2. Beneteau
  3. Blue Sea Systems (electronics)
  4. Bombardier Recreational Products
  5. Californian Yachts
  6. Catalina Yachts
  7. Crusader Marine Engine Co.
  8. Evinrude
  9. Fairline
  10. Force Boats
  11. Four Winns
  12. Hunter Marine Corp.
  13. Jeanneau
  14. Kawasaki
  15. Lagoon (catamarans)
  16. MacGregor
  17. Mercury Marine (engines)
  18. Minn Kota Motors
  19. Navigator
  20. PCM Marine Engines
  21. Sea-Doo
  22. Silverton Marine Corp.
  23. Spirit Yachts
  24. Volvo-Pentra Engines
  25. Yamaha

Free Consultation

If you believe you situation may qualify I encourage you to contact us for a free consultation and talk to an actual lemon law attorney Jimmy Hanaie to see if its possible that the lemon law pertains to your situation.

We do not charge any upfront costs, and zero cost pertains to the lemon law service and representation unless we represent you and you win your case.

Keep reading to see whether or not lemon law pertains to boats, leased cars and leased vehicles, used cars and used vehicles, homes and houses, and more. There are also some awesome flash cards and stuff on cool website quizlet.

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