Lemon Law Attorney Bay Area

Lemon Law Attorney Bay Area

An experienced lemon law attorney Bay Area attorney is writing this article just for you. If you are in the Bay Area, and are looking for information regarding the lemon law you’re in the right place.

Generally, a lemon law attorney Bay Area is a type of attorney that provides legal protection for consumer rights legal cases. If a bay area consumer has purchased or leased a lemon law car, the consumer can potentially have a lemon law case for compensation.

In this article we will introduce top lemon lawyer Jimmy Hanaie, esq who is a graduate of UC Hastings law school in the bay area. We will also explain important distinctions you should know regarding the California lemon law.

Lemon Law Attorney Jimmy Hanaie

Consumer rights lemon law attorney Jimmy Hanaie graduated from UC Hastings law school in the bay area. So there is a deep knowledge and understanding for the people of San Francisco, San Jose, and the surrounding Northern California area.

We know that if you purchased cars or leased cars that are having defect problems, you are looking for powerful legal representation. In addition, you want to be able to pay nothing upfront. You are in luck, because at our law firm we only get paid when we win. (No Gana, No Paga).

The process always begins with a 100% free consultation with a lemon law team member. Generally, an actual attorney will be able to consult with you regarding your vehicle problems, where you got the car from, how many repairs you have had, and more.

Attorney For Bay Area

We can come to your home or office to meet with you. In addition, we can schedule for you to meet with us. There are some important reasons for this.

Before starting a case or signing up a new client, we like to review all of the facts of the car situation. Also, we want to review any potential car repair documents that you may have from the dealership.

It is also very helpful for us to review your car contract or lease agreement. These documents provide insight into your legal situation and the problems you are experiencing. They also talk about the price of the vehicle, other vehicle issues, and more.

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