Lemon Law 30 Days Out Of Service California

Lemon Law 30 Days Out Of Service California

Lemon law 30 Days out of service California? Attorney Jimmy handles lemon law 30 Days out of service California cases as well as other types of lemon law and consumer rights claims. So, in this article, we will explain to you a lot of good information about how it works.

Under the lemon law 30 days out of service rule, a vehicle can be deemed a lemon law vehicle if the car is under warranty repairs at the dealership for 30 days or more. The consumer in that situation may be entitled to a lemon law buyback and financial compensation reimbursement.

We usually begin by reviewing your repair invoices. The repair invoices discuss the problems the vehicle had. Unfortunately, in cases where the car is still at the repair shop, it may be difficult to have the repair invoices because you probably do not have them yet. However, we encourage you to call us for a free consultation because we can still help you.

30 Days Out Of Service

30 days is a long time for a car to be out of service. You got the vehicle so that you can drive the car, but now that it is in the service department repair shop for nearly 30 days or more you have been unable to drive or use the car.

They sometimes might have provided you with a rental car, but it is simply not the same as having your own car working when you are paying so much money for it. Also, just because they gave you a rental car during these 30 days, means nothing. You can still have a strong lemon law case.

Call now for a free lemon law case evaluation if your car has been at the dealership for repairs for 30 days or more. Even if your car has not been there for that long, you can still have a case. We would like to discuss your legal matter with you. Call (800) 400-5050