Leased Car Needs Repairs

Leased Car Needs Repairs

Leased car needs repairs? If your leased car needs repairs, you may have a legal lemon law case and could be entitled to money compensation. There are some important requirements and criteria to having a legal case, but if your car is a lease it greatly improves your chances of having a case in many situations.

Under the lemon law, if your leased car needs repairs and the manufacturer dealership is unable or refuses to repair or replace the leased car within a reasonable number of repair visits or days, you may have a lemon law case in some situations. You might be entitled to a large financial settlement.

In most situations, more than one repair visit is needed. However, if your repairs takes a month long, even one repair visit can be enough sometimes. On the other hand, if you have needed two or three repair visits you may have a lemon law case as well. That means you might be entitled to a lemon law buyback and a lot of money back.

Leased Car Repairs

When the repair shop is done repairing your leased car, they will usually provide you with repair invoices regarding your repairs. If they do not ask them to provide it to you because these documents will be important for your case.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie attended UC Hastings law school and has been a lawyer since 2013. Fighting for consumer rights of leased cars and purchased cars that are lemon law vehicles is an important area of his legal practice.

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