Leased Car Needs New Engine? (Compensation?)

Leased Car Needs New Engine (Compensation)

Leased car needs new engine? Attorney Jimmy represents leased car needs new engine lawsuits to get people paid compensation. If you have a leased car that needs its engine changed, you may be entitled to a very large financial settlement. Also, our service is affordable because we only get paid when we win.

In general, if leased car needs new engine its likely that your vehicle is a lemon. The manufacturer dealership must be provided with a reasonable number of repair visits or days to properly fix or replace the vehicle, before the consumer can win a lemon law claim in most leased car situations.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie one had a vehicle himself that the dealership changed the engine of due to defects. In that type of situation, we also want to know how long it took for them to put in the new engine and remove the old engine. For example, it if took a long time for them to change the engine you can have a case even if the engine was fine afterwards.

Leased Car Needs New Engine

We also want to know if the new engine worked properly after that or if it continued to have problems. Even if they replaced your engine, if your engine or car continued having problems, you can still potentially have a lemon law case for your leased car.

In addition, the car repairs are looked at as a whole. So even if you have problems that were not regarding the engine, you can still have a lemon law case in many situations. For example, you may have had problems with another part of your car, brakes, shifting, transmission, or a multitude of other problems.

You may be entitled to a large lemon law settlement due to the problems your leased car or purchased vehicle had. Regardless of what anyone has told you, even if they denied or rejected your buyback, you should call us for a completely free consultation. We encourage you to speak with us. Call (800) 400-5050.