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Leased Car Engine Blown

Leased Car Engine Blown

Leased car engine blown? Attorney Jimmy Hanaie can help when leased car engine blown and you have a lemon law case. However, before signing up a client, there are some important considerations into whether or not your car is likely a lemon law car.

Generally, leased car engine blown may be a strong indication of a lemon law vehicle. If your car is under warranty, and having significant engine problems that the dealership is unable to fix or replace within a reasonable number of repair visits or days, then you may be entitled to compensation.

You should not be required to drive a dangerous vehicle. When paying monthly lease payments for the vehicle, there are important expectations that you have of the vehicle working properly. When the vehicle is defective, and the dealership is taking too long to fix it, you might have a lemon law case for compensation.

Leased Car

Leased cars and purchased cars both are capable of meeting the requirements of the lemon law. However, it is important the warranty apply to the problems and time when you had those problems.

After repairing your vehicle or replacing your blown engine, the dealership will usually give you repair invoices regarding the work they did. We want to review those documents to see how strong of a case you might have.

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