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Lease Car Problems

Lease Car Problems

Lease car problems lawyer Jimmy Hanaie, esq, discusses lease car problems , misrepresentation, breach of contract, auto fraud, lemon law, and more. Leased cars just like used cars and purchased cars, can have many different types of problems, mechanical problems, electrical problems, transmission problems, and more.

Lease car problems can result in a lemon law case and entitle a consumer to compensation if the lease car problems occurred while under warranty and the manufacturer failed to repurchase or repair the vehicle within a reasonable number of repair visit opportunities or consecutive days out of service.

Defective leased cars can lead to a lot of problems in life. Automobile accidents with deadly consequences can sometimes result due to defective automobiles and leased cars. For that reason, there is a lot of risk and potential legal liability when driving a defective car lease vehicle.

Lease Car

When you have a lease car, the auto warranty is also very important when it comes to lease problems. If you do things that cancel or void the warranty, the automobile manufacturer might not be liable for your problems.

Also there are usually limitations for mileage and expiration dates for car warranties depending on your vehicle contract. It is very important to know about these important cut off dates and other factors that may go into the determination.

However, as long as your repairs were received during the time your lease car was still under warranty, then your problems you faced might qualify you for a lemon law compensation case. Still, it is important that the problems be significant, the dealership failed to take care of the problem in a reasonable and timely manner, and more.

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