Lease Car Overheating?

Lease Car Overheating?

Is your lease car overheating? You might be entitled to compensation if your lease car is overheating. You have legal rights as a consumer. If your vehicle overheats, you should learn about your car consumer rights.

Generally, a consumer could possibly win a lemon law claim if his lease car has overheating problems. According to the lemon law, if the dealership cannot properly repair or replace the vehicle within a reasonable amount of time, the consumer might be able to get financial compensation. Usually, for the law to apply, a valid car warranty must have existed during the time the repairs became necessary.

Obviously, it is very important for your vehicle to operate properly. If the problem is not properly fixed, the car could potentially cause car accidents and personal injuries. Generally, car dealerships with attempt to examine and diagnose what is causing the malfunction. For example, your might get stuck on the road, overheat, have acceleration problems, and more.

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Has the dealership tried to repair your car? We would like to know. Even if it has only been one repair attempt so far, we want to provide you with a free consultation. As a consumer, you have important legal rights that you should be aware of. You might be able to win a large financial settlement.

Additionally, it is very affordable to hire an attorney. We only get paid if we win. If we do not win, you are not required to pay our legal fees. We are in the business of helping our clients get justice against the car dealerships and automobile manufacturers. You trusted them to lease you a car, and the car is having too much problems.

Dealership car repairs can sometimes take a very long time. Sometimes, the dealership is missing important car parts needed for the repairs. They might have requested these car parts from the car manufacturer and be waiting for them to arrive to the dealership. However, the dealership often does not know what is wrong with the vehicle or the engine. Sometimes, they fail to duplicate the problem you are experiencing.

Lease Car Overheating?

We are a friendly and caring law firm. If you want to speak to someone about what is happening, you should contact us today. We are available during the day and night. Even on weekends and holidays, we are available to speak to you.

Having a defective car can cause a lot of problems in your life. For example, if your leased car needs repairs this can disrupt and interfere with your commute to work, school, home, and events. A malfunctioning car can even possibly result in a car accident or other kind of personal injury incident. Nobody enjoys the feeling of being worried about your faulty vehicle. You should speak with a lawyer if your lease car is overheating.

We do want to talk to you. Call (800) 400-5050. You can give us a call any day of the week. Generally, we are even available at night and during weekends. Learn more about your legal rights by speaking to us about the facts of your legal situation today. Learn what your odds are of qualifying for the lemon law. Do not attempt to fix your car on you own, the car can be very hot and lead to personal injuries if not handled properly.