Lease Car Check Engine Light

Lease Car Check Engine Light?

Having problems with your lease car check engine light? If your lease car check engine light has came on, learn more information here. This post will explain legal rights and possible financial compensation.

Generally, a lease car check engine light might be an indication that your car can possibly be a lemon. You should always speak to the car dealership repair shop immediately. The warning can be a sign that there is something significantly wrong with the vehicle. So, it is always best to speak with the car dealership. Also, you could ask them if the repairs are going to be free with the car warranty.

Usually, many leased cars have car warranty. A lot of the car repairs will typically be free with the warranty. You should always check to see if it is still valid and applies to the needed repairs. If the dealership refuses to repair the vehicle, you should speak to an attorney immediately. There are times where people can be able to win money in these situations.

Additionally, in some situations the problems might continue happening even after the repairs. This can lead to a lot of frustration for the car consumer. You did not lease a car just to keep having it in the dealership for so long. If the dealership has tried to repair or replace the engine, make sure the problem has been fully fixed. If you experience a problem with the car again, speak to the dealership immediately. You should also always speak to a lawyer for a free consultation.

No Fee Unless We Win?

You would also want to know how long the car dealership will need to have your car for repairs. There are many reasons why your engine can be malfunctioning. Each of these issues can take a different amount of time. In some situations, the dealership might determine that your entire engine must be replaced with a new engine. If the dealership has had your car for repairs for a very long time, you might have a possible legal situation.

That is why it is important to always speak to a lawyer if your lease car check engine light has turned on. Even if the light is on, flashing, has turned off, or having other problems, always get it inspected. You do not want to put yourself or other people in the way of harm and injury.

If you have had any repairs, always try to get the repair invoice receipts from the dealership. A lawyer can get a lot of useful information by reading those documents. However, many times the receipts might be in the car while the dealer still has the car. They can also be misplaced. Even if you do not have the documents ready, you should call us for a free consultation today. The lawyer can help request those documents from the dealership in many situations.

Lease Car Check Engine Light?

Make sure to be careful. It can be very dangerous to drive a car with a bad engine. You are paying monthly lease payments on your car and expect a properly operating vehicle. If your car has started to give you warnings that problems exist you should take it very seriously.

Thankfully, if your lease car check engine light is on, the car dealership will usually inspect your car for free. Unfortunately, a lot of times they are not able to find anything wrong with the vehicle. They might say that they were unable to duplicate the problem. However, even if the dealership says they did not find anything, there might possibly be something truly bad with the car.

Take the time to speak with a lawyer today. By calling our phone number or sending our contact form you can request to speak with a lawyer. An attorney is generally available to discuss your car situation with you. Call us anytime, day or night, 7 days a week.