Lawyers For Car Dealership Problems Near Me

Lawyers For Car Dealership Problems Near Me

Lawyers for car dealership problems near me Jimmy Hanaie, esq can speak to you for free about car dealership problems near you and how the lawyers may be able to help. You may be having all kinds of problems such as vehicle defects, issues with the contract. fraud and lies, and more. Additionally, for most cases there is no fee unless we win.

Lawyers for can dealerships near me are legal attorneys who negotiate and litigate against dealerships and automobile manufacturers. Automobile dealerships and automotive manufacturers owe legal duties and responsibilities to their consumers. The consumer may be entitled to a large settlement.

Understanding your legal rights for your used car or new car can lead you to success. In addition, you may have a case about a different type of vehicle like a truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, or even a boat. However, the large portion of cases that our law firm handles against car dealership lawsuits is for cars like car lease or purchased cars financing.

Best Lawyers For Car Dealership Problems Near Me

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie, a lawyer since 2013, fights for consumers when they have been mistreated by the automobile dealerships and manufacturers. For example, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, and more.

Car dealers are known to say all kinds of smack just to get you to lease or purchase the vehicle. The Song Beverly Warranty Act and the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act are just a couple of the many laws that protect consumers in many of these situations.

Begin with a complimentary VIP initial evaluation and consultation with an experienced and aggressive attorney. We know how much it can hurt to have a leased car or purchased car with problems, sluggish acceleration issues, not idling, turning issues, wheel bearing problems, braking issues, and more. Call now for a free call with an car dealership attorney (800) 400-5050