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Lawyer For Suing Car Dealership

Lawyer For Suing Car Dealership

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is a top lawyer for suing car dealership. If you are looking for the best lawyer for suing car dealership, call now for a free consultation today. In this article, the lawyer explains important things you should know before hiring legal help.

Generally, lawyer for suing car dealership Jimmy Hanaie provides legal help to car consumers who have been mistreated by the dealership. Automobile manufacturers and dealerships have duties to provide safe and reliable cars to consumers. Dealerships also have a duty to be honest and to not breach the terms of the contract agreement.

When choosing an attorney, there are some great and helpful things to remember. You should know that most attorneys will provide you with a completely free consultation. This means that you can speak to the lawyer regarding your car and all of the problems you are having. We always start by providing a free consultation to everyone that calls our law firm.

Additionally, it is important to ask the lawyer if they can examine and evaluate your vehicle repair documents. The law firm will get a lot of information about your possible legal situation by looking at these car records. Sometimes the dealership might have written things in these documents that can help show possible legal violations.

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There are different types of laws that might apply to your situation depending on if your car is new or used. For example, you might have purchased your car “as is.” This generally means that you are purchasing the vehicle knowing that you will be taking responsibility if anything is wrong with the car. However, dealerships in certain circumstances might possibly still be held liable if they did something very wrong like committing fraud.

On the other hand, you might have purchased a brand new car with warranty. If the dealership sold or leased a car to you that is under warranty, they must comply with the terms of that warranty. For example, the dealership is generally required to repair the vehicle if it has defects or problems covered by the warranty. If the dealership fails to properly repair or replace the vehicle, a lawyer might be able to sue the auto manufacturer with the “lemon law.”

In lemon law cases, the customer might be able to get a refund. This refund generally includes portions of the “down-payment” and monthly car payments. These cases are usually against the automobile manufacturer instead of the car dealership. However, depending on the facts the car dealership might be responsible as well.

Lawyer For Suing Car Dealership

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie has been legally helping people since 2013. Our law firm has a lot of experience in helping car customers and consumers. Unfortunately, many times car dealerships and automobile manufacturers do not take the correct steps in doing their duties.

We highly recommend that you always begin by getting a free consultation with a lawyer for suing car dealerships. Lawyers are generally available to speak to you everyday. We are available for you to call us for free. Whether it is day or night, weekday or weekend, call now and speak with us for free.

You might be able to get a large financial settlement for all the trouble you experienced with the car. Also, it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The reason for this is that there are time limits and deadlines on many of these legal claims. So call now and get your free consultation with a car dealership civil litigation lawyer today.

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