Lawyer For Car Dealership Problems

Lawyer For Car Dealership Problems

Lawyer for car dealership problems Jimmy Hanaie, esq. free consultation for people with problems against car dealership that need a lawyer. There is no fee unless we win and the consultation is always free.

A lawyer for car dealership problems with a defective vehicle is generally referred to as a consumer rights lemon law attorney. When a consumer has a vehicle that is under warranty and the dealership fails to replace or repair the car within a reasonable number of repair attempts or days, the consumer may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Used cars as well as new cars can have legal protections as well. Just because a car is used, does not automatically mean that it is not protected under the lemon law. In fact, some used cars such as certified used cars and used cars under warranty still have very powerful legal protections. Consulting with our office can be very helpful to you.

Attorney For Car Dealership Issues

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie fights for consumers for car dealership issues such as lying, fraud, lemon law, and more. If you or a loved one have been given the run around, scammed, or treated poorly by the dealership we are here on your side to speak with you. You may have a lawsuit against the car dealership or manufacturer.

Dealerships are clearly trying to make money and keep their dealership open so they can pay their expensive rent and make money as a business. Unfortunately, you may want to sue the car dealership because the manufacturers of the vehicles are also trying to pinch pennies in order to make a higher profit.

Many times the tactics of these dealerships and automotive manufacturers means that the car the consumer gets is not a top notch vehicle, but rather may have ongoing or continuous problems issues and concerns and defects.

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