Lawyer Failed To File On Time

Lawyer Failed To File On Time

If your lawyer failed to file on time, that is something you should read about. Filing on time is very important, and if your lawyer has failed to file on time proper paperwork, you may have forfeited your case forever. However, it depends on the type of filing it was and the court and many factors.

Generally, when a lawyer failed to file on time, bad things happen. If the lawyer failed to file the complaint on time and the statute of limitations has expired, it may mean that you forfeited your case and will no longer be able to sue for that specific legal matter. However, missing other type of filing might be less severe, but still a major cause for concern.

There are a few things you should do if you truly believe that your attorney or lawyer has somehow forgot, failed, or improperly filed your paperwork. Because if a lawyer failed to file proper paperwork of a lawsuit in a timely fashion, your case will most likely be totally dismissed by the court.

Speaking with another attorney for a free second opinion can be a good way of gaining some clarity on the issue and see where you stand among the circumstances now presented. We offer a free consultation and free case evaluation and are here to speak to you.

What To Do When A Lawyer Failed To File On Time

When a lawyer has failed proper filing of your lawsuit or case, it is important to speak to experienced legal counsel who may be able to speak to you about the exact circumstances and your possible legal options.

It may be the case that the filing deadline has passed, and the case is now dead. Still, you may have a different type of case or their might be some other options available to you to help remedy the situation for you.

One of the options might be to make a legal malpractice case against the attorney involved in the situation and be able to obtain some compensation that way.

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