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Lawyer Dragging His Feet?

Lawyer Dragging His Feet?

Is your lawyer dragging his feet? It can be a stinky smelly situation when you have a lawyer dragging his feet and delaying your case. Free to call and speak with a new lawyer today (800) 400-5050. Here, we discuss the speed of legal claims and the opportunity to change your lawyer.

Generally, when you have a lawyer dragging his feet, you believe your lawyer is working too slowly. However, this determination is a question that depends largely on the procedures needed for your claim and the speed at which the lawyer can accomplish those tasks. How quick a lawyer can achieve success for you involves the complexity of your claim, the workload of the attorney, court dates, negotiation difficulties, and other important factors.

It can be confusing and frustrating when you feel that your legal claim is not getting the attention it deserves. Usually, there can be a good explanation for the duration of time of your claim. For example, the lawyer can be waiting for court dates, negotiating with the other side, waiting for medical records, and more. However, sometimes it can feel like your lawyer is deliberately lagging and ignoring you. For example, it could feel that your lawyer is taking forever to answer your calls, respond to your emails, and provide you with status updates.

You can always call our law firm for a free second opinion. It might be your best choice to replace your lawyer. One way to find out how actively your lawyer is working on your legal claim is to ask your lawyer for a copy of your claim file. When you receive a copy of the documents, you can read them to see how vigorously your lawyer is working. However, it is recommended that you speak with a different lawyer who can examine those documents for you. In addition, in most situations the new law firm can quickly request the documents from your lawyer on your behalf.

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Typically, a good lawyer is focused on getting the best result, but should also try to do so in the shortest amount of time. Unfortunately, some legal claims involve lengthy procedures which can make things move forward slowly. Some aspects of the claim can go gradually while other sections can be faster. However, your lawyer should try not to procrastinate when there are tasks ready to be completed. By switching your lawyer with a more confident attorney, your claim could possibly have less delay because of less hesitation. Our law firm enjoys working on claims steadily and swiftly so that the progression of the claim is powerful.

When a claim is litigation, the courthouse will generally select specific dates for several types of hearings. These dates are usually selected by the courthouse. Depending on the availability of their time, the dates of the meetings can be many months away. In addition, sometimes the court dates can be postponed by a “continuance” procedure by either side of the legal claim or the courthouse. This will reschedule important meetings and put them later in the future. However, this can sometimes help your claim move forward faster, because the parties involved will often try to agree to a settlement before the next court date.

You should also make sure that you communicate with your lawyer regularly. If the lawyer is requesting information or documents from you, they could possibly need them before they can expeditiously conclude your claim. For example, in a personal injury accident situation the lawyer needs to know if you are finished with medical treatment or if you need additional appointments based on the opinion of you and your doctor. So, in a lot of scenarios the lawyer is waiting for events to happen that are outside of his or her control. By cooperating with your lawyer promptly and making decisions about your goals early, you can help speed up your claim.

Lawyer Dragging His Feet?

Your lawyer is likely debating with the other side regarding the facts of your legal situation. Little by little, the lawyer provides the other side with facts, photos, and information to prove liability. This can take a long time. Fortunately, there are ways to accelerate some of your goals even before the claim finishes. For example, if your claim is for money compensation, you can sometimes ask for an “advance” loan.

Also, in some circumstances the actual law is not very well understood. This can cause a time obstacle, because the parties involved will need to debate the interpretation of the law. This can require further litigation if settlement cannot be agreed to through negotiation. Also, if a person has unreasonable expectations for the desired outcome, this can be a reason why you believe your lawyer dragging his feet.

Quickly, get a free consultation with our law firm by calling (800) 400-5050. By discussing the facts of your specific legal story together, we can possibly gain a better understanding of the speed difficulty directly. You should speak to a lawyer and get a free second opinion. The consultation is free 7 days a week, day or night.

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