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Inspirational Quotes For Someone Who Is Paralyzed

Here are inspirational quotes for someone who is paralyzed. Top 20 inspirational quotes for someone who is paralyzed. This can be newly paralyzed or lifelong. Provided by attorney Jimmy Hanaie, we hope you enjoy these photo sayings and they inspire you. If you need legal help, you can always call us for a free consultation. We are happy to speak to you.



“I respect you SO MUCH Even while you are paralyzed, you are such a bright person more than we ever realized. You’ve shown me how to be happy.”


“Day by day, I see how committed and brave you truly are. Your paralyzed body does not stop you from having a beautiful mind. You inspire me so much.”


“Will I ever stop loving you? I wont.”


“You make paralyzed look good. There are many paralyzed people in this big world, but the difference with you is that you make it look so good. You are a beautiful inspiration.”


“For someone who is paralyzed, you are such an incredible inspiration. Your personality and attitude is that of an absolute winner.”


“Have I told you recently? How important you are to me. How much you inspire me. You bring so much happiness into my life even during the hard times. I love you at all times. You are not paralyzed to me.”


“I respect you SO MUCH Even while you are paralyzed, you are such a bright person more than we ever realized. You’ve shown me how to be happy.”


“You know you are powerful. Hardship does not make you weak. You have so much strength every week. It is not easy for anyone to be paralyzed. You have strong will and a big heart I realized. You open my eyes to what strength looks like. Look in the mirror that is what power looks like. Don’t give up your power. Stay inspired.”


“I want to take the time to say Thank you for being strong. Thank you for getting along. Thank you for inspiring me. No one has ever been paralyzed with so much style like you. My beautiful.”


“You are an inspiration. You show people how to stay strong even in the most difficult situations. You are not letting being paralyzed stop you.”


“I got an idea today! To tell you how much I love you and everything will be okay. We can do this. We’ll get through this. Even while paralyzed, you are able to give me so much strength.”


“Although I do a lot for you. I want to take the time to say‚Ķ You mean a lot to me. You really do. Paralyzed or not. You’re all i got. Your beautiful spirit always inspires me.”


“You are a true inspiration to me. I always knew how strong you are. I know that you can go so far. The car accident may have paralyzed you for now, But dont let it define who you are. You are powerful, brave, intelligent, amazing, so loveable, and so inspirational. You are so amazing you really are. You Are An inspirational person. I love you.”


“You are a true inspiration to me. Even after your slip and fall, Even after becoming paralyzed, Even after Crying tears, Even when you have fears, Even when you need me near, and even when you need time alone, you’re the biggest inspiration that I know, you have amazing strength of character That other people don’t.”


“You have always been such a beautiful person. Both on the inside and outside. Now for someone who is said to be “paralyzed” you remain one of the most beautiful inspirational people I have ever known.”


“You are a true inspiration to me. P is for the perfect person you are. A is for the awesome attitude you have. R is for the rare mind you possess. A is for all the Personality You Have. L is for the love that we share. y is for the fact that i’m yours. Z is for the zoo because you’re so cute. E is for the excitement i get from you. D is for the determination and all you do.”


“I see how you fight if you look and notice. You are a courageous warrior and I know that you know this. Its hard to be paralyzed, its sucks its bogus, but you show so much strength with you is where my home is.”



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