I Got Bit By A Dog. Can I Sue?

I Got Bit By A Dog. Can I Sue?

People say “I got bit by a dog. Can I sue?” Usually yes, you can sue if you got bit by a dog. Get a free consultation with our law firm by calling (800) 400-5050. Also, in this article, we will tell you very important things to remember.

Generally yes, you can sue if you got bit by a dog. It is important to know who the dog belongs to, how severe your injuries are, whether there is insurance, where the accident happened, whether you got medical treatment, and more. Learn more by calling our law firm for a free consultation.

We are a kind, friendly, and powerful law firm. Its free to call us and speak about your legal situation. Additionally, if you start a legal claim, you might be able to win a large financial settlement. However, there are several factors that must be carefully considered.

Free Consultation.

You can always call our law firm for a free consultation (800) 400-5050. You should quickly prepare yourself to put yourself in the best position possible. Getting attacked by an animal can be a traumatizing experience. You can be confused and frustrated after being injured. You should try to gather as much information and evidence as possible.

Contact Information

Immediately, get the contact information of the dog owner. Try your best to get the full name, phone number, home address, homeowners insurance policy, and other relevant information of the dog owner. These details are extremely useful if you decide to start a legal claim or lawsuit. Sometimes, if the person does not properly answer your questions, you can call the police and ask them to come there and make a written report.

Photographs & Videos

Also, photographs and videos can be amazing evidence. So, try to take pictures of the dog, the dog owner, where the incident happened, your physical injuries, and more. These images can be proof of the dog, the severity of your injuries, and more. Usually, the sooner you take photos of your injuries, the better the severity of your injuries are shown. This can be a big factor when determining your physical damages during a legal case.

Insurance Coverage

If the dog owner does not have insurance, suing him can be a lot more difficult. Usually, we look for homeowners insurance. Thankfully, these insurance policies could be very big. Unfortunately, if the person does not have insurance, you might have to sue the dog owner personally. However, depending on his economic situation, the person might not be able to pay a lot of money personally. Sometimes, by researching the home address of the owner of the dog, we can research to locate any existing insurance policy. For example, this can be a homeowners insurance policy, renters insurance policy, or possibly another kind.

I Got Bit By A Dog. Can I Sue?

Medical Treatment?

After being attacked by a dog, we believe you should always visit your doctor or go to the hospital immediately. We know that you may have questions about rabies, scars, healing, and more. Our law firm can help suggest medical offices to you. Sometimes, the medical doctors will agree to only get paid when your legal claim is finished.

Financial Settlement

Fortunately, people sometimes are able to win large financial settlements. You should always try your best to hire the best experienced attorney. Our law firm has a lot of experience helping people when they ask “I got bit by a dog. Can I sue?” Allow us to speak to you about your legal situation.

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