How Tort Adjuster California Works

How Tort Adjuster California Works

You or a family member got injured? Now you may be wondering about how tort adjuster California works and what your next step should be. Generally, if you have a claim against an insurance company, the insurance company will use the services of an adjuster or employee to negotiate against your or your lawyer in order to settle, resolve, or deny your legal claim.

Tort Adjusters Explained

Tort adjusters work on the behalf of the insurance company and generally do not have the best interest of the Plaintiff in mind, because they generally work to protect the interests of the Defendant (Tortfeasor).

Why You Should Have A Lawyer

For that reason, it may be extremely helpful and critically important for you to have the best aggressive civil plaintiff tort and accident lawyer on your side to fight back against the insurance company’s insurance adjusters. In addition, many times the adjuster of the insurance company may be giving you the run around or giving you a hard time because they might know that you have not got a lawyer to help you.

How Tort Adjusters Think

The insurance company would generally know that you are not represented by legal counsel or a lawyer because if you are represented by a law firm that law firm generally will provide a letter of representation to the insurance company informing them that you have hired the lawyer or law firm and that you are being represented by legal counsel.

Benefits of Having a Tort Lawyer

Upon learning that you have a lawyer, the insurance tort adjuster in most cases should no longer communicate with the injured person any longer without the consent and approval of the victim’s lawyer.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie Fights The Insurance Adjusters

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie represents many injured victims and their families in automobile accident, wrongful death accident, slip and fall accident, and other tort injury and tort claims. We start with a completely free legal consultation for tort claims and we generally charge no fee unless you win.

Bad Faith Denials And Your Rights

If your tort claim has been denied or your tort case has been rejected or otherwise delayed by the insurance tort adjuster, you may have an additional possible claim for bad faith insurance lawsuit if they rejected or denied your claim in bad faith or took other negligent actions that may be on the level of bad faith or unfair dealing of sorts.

Time Is Of The Essence

It is generally always a good idea to speak with an attorney immediately. There are many reasons why is it is a good idea to speak with an attorney when you have a tort accident claim or other legal case. An experienced lawyer knows many of the loopholes and tactics that insurance adjuster and insurance companies may take in order to give the injury victim a hard time, make low ball offers and try to underpay the claim, or take other harmful actions against you.

Tort Adjusters Are Not On Your Side

You cannot simply go by what the insurance adjuster tells you because they are not really on your side, but are rather getting paid by the insurance company and want to keep their job and so they work to further the best interests of the insurance company that they work for which can be drastically against you and your best interests.

Do Not Believe Everything You Hear

Some tort adjusters may be friendly and work with you to obtain mutual beneficial results, but that is not generally the case. You really should always speak with a lawyer that wants to fight for you to get the best results, has a successful and aggressive track record, and takes the time to learn all about your case and the pertaining law in order to present your case to the insurance company in the best way possible in light of the facts and circumstances that led to your injury.

Difficulties In Tort Claims

Sometimes even attorneys may face many difficulties in settling your case with the insurance tort adjuster for your tort claim and a proper settlement might not be able to be reached prior to litigation. In those situations, the attorney generally evaluates the strength of your case carefully in light of any new evidence of information the adjuster might have provided or any other facts that may have arisen due to police reports, medical records, autopsy reports, death certificates, news stories, or other sources of information in order to determine if taking your claim to litigation and actually filing a lawsuit against the insurance company is a good idea for your claim.

Tort Adjusters Of All Insurance Companies

No matter what insurance company you are dealing with Geico, State Farm, Farmers, Mercury, Nationwide, Lemonade, or other insurance company, you can speak to us and tell us all about your legal claim. Some cases resolve quickly through settlement negotiations and other cases might require litigation or might even require the attorney to fight your case all the way to the courthouse through trial.

Free Consultation 24/7

Speak to attorney Jimmy Hanaie today for your completely free consultation day or night even on weekends. We are here to speak with you and go over the facts of your case and see if you are a match for our law firm and how we may best be able to help you in dealing with your tort accident claim or other accident injury tort case.