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How Much Is A Brain Injury Settlement?

How Much Is A Brain Injury Settlement?

A popular question is “how much is a brain injury settlement?” In this post we will explain important information about how much is a brain injury settlement. We would love to speak to you. Call us for a free consultation today 24/7 to speak with a lawyer.

Generally, how much a brain injury settlement is varies greatly from case to case. Traumatic brain injury settlements can frequently exceed $100,000. However, the claim can be worth millions of dollars depending on the lifetime care needed, ongoing care, rehabilitation, medical equipment, and more details. Usually, it improves the odds for a higher settlement if there is a bigger insurance policy limit, clear liability, and a large level of damages.

Having a powerful lawyer to help you can potentially increase your settlement higher. It may be necessary for your case to go through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, or trial stages. Lawyer Jimmy Hanaie represents individuals that have suffered a personal injury and seek financial compensation. We work on a contingency basis and only get paid if the client wins. There is no guarantee to the amount of compensation someone could get.

Both economic and non-economic damages are evaluated when making a determination. TBI injuries can be minor, moderate, mild, or severe.

Important Factors:

  • Important factors that impact the compensation amount:
    1. Lifetime care needed?
    2. Amount of rehabilitation
    3. Ongoing caregiving, nursing home, assisted living expenses
    4. Specialized medical equipment
    5. Severity of injuries (mild, severe, traumatic).
    6. Clarity of liability
    7. Medical expenses
    8. Lost wages
    9. Loss of earning capacity
    10. Property damage
    11. Pain and suffering
    12. Emotional distress
    13. Loss of enjoyment of life
    14. Maybe punitive damages as well

We are here day & night to speak with you. You can speak to us anytime even if you think that you do not have a good case, without insurance, or already have a lawyer. These claims result from automobile accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death incidents, homeowners insurance, work injury, construction accident, trip and fall, and other injuries to people.

We Only Get Paid If Our Client Wins.

Our services are very affordable for you because we usually only get paid when our client wins. In fact, our number one goal is to help our clients get the best possible settlement for their case. Having an experienced California personal injury attorney on your side can be extremely helpful for your claim.

The level of insurance policy limits can also make a huge impact on the amount of money someone could ultimately collect from a claim. So, it is very important where and how the accident happened. Accidents and injuries occur in many different places such as on the road, freeway, schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, airplanes, and much more.

Aggressive attorneys are usually friendly and caring individuals who take the time to speak to you about all the facts of your case. At our law firm, we also go a step further and can review any photographs, documents, or other evidence that you may have. In addition, from our many years of experience we know that your medical bills can add up fast.

How Much Is A Brain Injury Settlement?

Timelines, deadlines, and limitations are also very important in legal claims. In some situations it may be possible to settle a case before litigation, but in other instances civil litigation may be necessary. For example, if you have major injuries from a slip and fall with a high homeowners insurance policy it might be important to go to litigation.

Find out more about the law by speaking with our law firm today. You should always speak to a lawyer as soon as possible in order to preserve your legal rights. As discussed above, there are many important deadlines and time limits so hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Taking a law case from start to finish can take a lot of time and hard work that an attorney can handle for you. How much is a brain injury settlement depends on so many things.

Being injured can leave you with many questions about liability, premises liability, insurance policy limits, medical treatment bills, and more. We are well versed and experienced in these types of law cases and would like to speak to you about each and every factor of your legal matter. We can even come and meet with you at your office or home if you prefer we come to you. We hope you enjoyed this information about how much a brain injury settlement is.

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