How Much Does A Lemon Law Attorney Cost?

How Much Does A Lemon Law Attorney Cost

How Much Does A Lemon Law Attorney Cost

How much does a lemon law attorney cost? When hiring a lawyer, it is important to know how much does a lemon law attorney cost. We get paid lemon law attorney cost from the automobile manufacturer when we win the lemon law case. If we do not win, our client is NOT responsible to pay us any costs or fees (We simply do not get paid in that situation).

Generally, how much does a lemon law attorney cost depends on the amount of the settlement obtained, but you are not required to pay the lawyer yourself directly out of your own pocket. The automobile manufacturer pays civil attorney fees and compensation after the consumer wins the case.

So, it is very affordable to get lemon law help. You might be entitled to large financial settlement which can include a refund of your car payments, down-payment, and more. This can add up to be a lot of compensation.

Does A Lemon Law Attorney Cost Upfront?

No Upfront Cost

No matter how much money you end up winning, there is no upfront cost in hiring our lemon law firm. Actually, you are never responsible to pay my law firm from your own pocket. Instead, we get paid by the automobile manufacturer when we win a lemon law case compensation. We work on a “contingency” basis where how much we get paid depends on the settlement obtained.

We know how much people pay every month for leased car payments or purchased car payments. A car is one of the most expensive costs for most people.

In addition, we know that a defective or problematic car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or appliance can cause lots of problems that are associated with your job as well. A defective car can cause you to be late to work, get terminated from your job, get physically injured, and cause other problems. These problems can hurt your income and financial ability to pay as well.

We Get Paid Only If We Win Your Lemon Law

We Get Paid Only If We Win

If we do not win, we do not charge any legal fee. We only get paid when our client wins and gets paid compensation. Our top priority is to get our client the best possible result for their legal case.

We build our success largely on word of mouth, reviews, and our success over the years. So, we always want you to be satisfied by our legal help and legal services.

We never ask our lemon law clients to pay us money out of their own pocket. Win or lose, we never charge you directly. That is our promise to you.

Free Lemon Law Consultation 24/7

How Much Does A Lemon Law Attorney Cost

Speaking with our law firm is always free. You can call us day or night, 7 days a week for a 100% free consultation.

We cannot express how much we appreciate your calls and questions. We also can review any documents, photographs, videos, or other information that you have regarding your claim. For example, it can be very helpful to examine your car repair documents, leased car agreement, vehicle purchase contract, and more.

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