Does Lemon Law Apply To Leased Vehicles?

Does Lemon Law Apply To Leased Vehicles?

You want to know does lemon law apply to leased vehicles? We have the answer to does lemon law apply to leased vehicles. In this article, the lawyer explains how the law works in these types of situations.

Yes, the lemon law does apply to leased vehicles. Most leased cars that are under warranty do have this kind of consumer legal protection. You could possibly be able to win a legal settlement. However, there are certain limitations that apply which are very important as well.

The law can apply to both leased and purchased cars in many situations. One of the top requirements is that there must have been a vehicle warranty during the repairs. Did the car dealership provide any repairs to your car while it was protected by warranty? We would like to know the answer to this question during your free consultation with our law firm.

Additionally, it is important that you did nothing that cancels the warranty. For example, if you modified or altered the vehicle that can be very bad for your legal chances. Nevertheless, you should always call and speak with a lawyer regarding your exact facts. Even if you have already returned the vehicle, you might possibly still be able to have a strong legal claim.

No Fee Unless We Win?

The law does not only apply to purchased vehicles. There are many different ways you might have financed the car. However, if your car had repairs while it had car warranty, you truly should speak to a lawyer. Our law firm has experience with the law and can provide a lot of helpful information to you.

Additionally, we only get paid if we win financial compensation for you. We never require you to pay us anything yourself, because we get paid when we win money from the automobile manufacturer. So, does lemon law apply to leased vehicles is a great question that can become a victory for you.

In many situations you might have already returned the car back to the dealership. Nevertheless, if you had repairs while you had the car, you have a high probability of qualifying. There are many problems that your car could have. For example, engine problems, transmission defects, and much more.

Does Lemon Law Apply To Leased Vehicles?

We also want to know how much you have been paying for your car payments. Generally, you probably paid monthly and that can add up to be very expensive. If you are legally successful, you could win a lot of that money. That is a great way of returning the car and getting financially paid for all the problems the car had.

Yes, the lemon law does apply to leased vehicles, cars, motorcycles, and more. However, there are some exceptions and exclusions. For example, there are limitations in some situations that involve super heavy vehicles and commercial business vehicles. However, there are exceptions to these limitations so you should always speak to a lawyer.

You should speak with a lawyer for free today. The law can be confusing and frustrating so speaking with a lawyer can help you. It is important to speak to a lawyer about the exact facts that your situation has. The year of your car, the brand, the model, the repairs, and everything can make a big difference. Call (800) 400-5050 or send our contact form today.