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Denied Buyback

Denied Buyback

A denied buyback lemon law claim can be annoying. We want to provide you with helpful information for when dealing with a denied buyback vehicle whether that is a Ford, GM, or other vehicle.

A denied buyback occurs in a lemon law situation where the manufacturer denies or refuses to buyback the lemon law vehicle and reimburse the client. In these situations, the consumer may be entitled to a lemon law buyback as well as additional civil penalties that can double or triple the settlement due to penalize the manufacturer for the denying the buyback.

We are lemon law attorneys that know all about denied buyback vehicles. Automobile manufacturers like GM and Ford and Nissan deny their own consumers requests for the manufacturer to repurchase their vehicle when it is defective.

The failure on the part of the automobile manufacturer to buy back the defective vehicle is something that the courts do not appreciate, especially when the vehicle is in fact a lemon.

For that reason, automobile manufacturers who deny buybacks can be liable for the reimbursement but may also be required to pay civil penalties on top of that which can double or triple the settlement.

Denied Buyback Attorney

Whether you are dealing with a GM denied buyback, Ford Denied Buyback, or other vehicle problem you should always consult with an attorney because you may be entitled to a large settlement.

Now that your lemon law claim has been denied or your warranty claim has been rejected, you actually might be entitled to even more money than even before.

That is because the automobile manufacturer might be penalized with civil penalties. The civil penalty is can usually equal to or double the amount of the buyback reimbursement was supposed to be. That’s a lot more money!

In addition, the manufacturer may be required to pay for your attorneys fees and costs. Anyways, we only get paid if we win. So it is very affordable.

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