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Dealership Taking Forever To Fix Car?

Dealership Taking Forever To Fix Car?

Is the dealership taking forever to fix car problems? Call attorney Jimmy when you know a dealership taking forever to fix car defects. Thankfully, in this article we will explain legal protection for people who have leased or purchased a car. You might be able to get paid money.

Generally, if a dealership taking forever to fix car, the dealership might be held legally responsible. Usually, dealerships should finish car repairs within a reasonable amount of days. If the dealership does not reasonably complete the repairs, the consumer might be able to win financial compensation.

We truly know how extremely frustrating of an experience it is when you do not have your car. Sometimes, it feels like the repairman has possession of your car more often than you do. You have spent a lot of money paying for the car, but are not able to truly enjoy the vehicle. Even if the dealership has given you a rental car, it does not feel the same as driving your own personal car. You have to spend time taking your car to the dealership, explaining the problems you’re having, and not getting the attention you deserve. It can be a truly frustrating experience.

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It might be possible for you to win a money settlement if the dealership is repairing your vehicle unreasonably. However, if you have car warranty, the dealership is entitled to a reasonable opportunity to repair or replace the vehicle. When the repairs take too much time to be completed, this can be a violation of the law. The lemon law provides a lot of legal protection for cars that have warranty during the repairs. Sometimes, if the dealership has violated the law, the car consumer can win a very big amount of money.

We offer a free consultation and free case evaluation. We do not charge our clients any money until they win their case. So, it is very affordable to hire our law firm to help you with your situation. However, before we can legally represent you we need to provide you with a free consultation and sign a written contract together. We need to learn about all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your legal situation. For example, we want to know information about the car’s year, brand, malfunctions, repairs, and more. We encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss all of this information with you.

Additionally, we want to see any vehicle documents that you have. For example, we want to see your vehicle purchase agreement or lease contract. If you have a copy of your car warranty, we would like to see that as well. Next, we want to examine any documents you might have about the car repairs. All of these documents will help our law firm get a much better understanding of the problems. These documents will also show us what procedures the dealership has performed in order to try to repair the car. By examining these documents we can find out more information about whether you have a strong potential legal claim.

Dealership Taking Forever To Fix Car?

Our law firm is friendly and caring and knows the importance of speed. We know that you want to get the best legal help. Being productive is very important to our law firm when achieving success. When we have strong cooperation from our clients, we can focus more on what we do best. One of the best things for you to do is to get a free consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Waiting too long before starting a legal claim can cause you to lose all your legal rights regarding the vehicle. So, if you are considering speaking with a lawyer you should do so immediately. That way we can get everything organized, gather all the documents, and speak about your goals.

We are very friendly. Call our law firm anytime by calling this phone number (800) 400-5050. That way we can start discussing exactly what has happened to you. What the dealership does to many consumers is not fair. Contact us if the dealership or automobile manufacturer is not providing you with the level of help you need.

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