Dealership Has My Car For A Month

Dealership Has My Car For A Month

Dealership has my car for a month: You have strong legal rights if dealership has my car for a month. A dealership should not have your car in their repair shop for a month, otherwise you may have a strong lemon law case and get a large financial settlement.

In General, a dealership has my car for a month may be liable for a lemon law case and owe compensation to the consumer under most situations. A manufacturer dealership has legal duty to repair or replace the car within a reasonable number of visits or days. Otherwise, they may owe compensation.

You are paying a lot of money for your vehicle leased car or financed purchased car, so there is no reason why a dealership should have your car for a month. For example, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, Kia, BMW, GM, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, and other manufacturers should not have your for so long.

Otherwise, your car can be considered a lemon in most situations and you will likely be entitled to compensation.

Dealership Has My Car

It does not matter whether you have got your car back yet or not. Even if it is still at the dealership or if you have already got your car back, you may still have a valid lemon law case.

In fact, having your car at the repair shop for a month during repairs is not the only way to have a lemon law case. It may be the case that your car was in the repair shop in multiple occasions and that is another way that you might qualify for a lemon law case.


You may be entitled to large compensation settlement, including a lemon law buyback reimbursement compensation of the downpayment you paid and your monthly lease payments, and more.

Every case is different, but there are some amazing compensation available in most lemon law cases. Even if your case was rejected or denied, we encourage you to call us because you may be able to get an even higher settlement in some case.

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