Dealership Didn’t Fix My Car?

Dealership Didn’t Fix My Car?

If the dealership didn’t fix my car, I would call a lawyer. People say the “dealership didn’t fix my car” and want to know their legal options. Fortunately, you might qualify to win a lot of money in a legal settlement if the dealership has failed to properly repair your vehicle.

Generally, when a car dealership didn’t fix your car properly you might be entitled to legal compensation. The lemon law requires that car dealerships accomplish the services listed in the car warranty. This includes repairing or replacing the car if it is defective. So, if the dealership didn’t fix your car sufficiently based on your car warranty, you potentially have the facts for a strong legal case.

Car dealerships sometimes refuse to fix a car. If the the car warranty already expired before you requested the repairs, that can be one reason why they refused. However, if you car warranty was still valid, the dealership should not have denied to conduct repair services that are included in the warranty. Sometimes, the automobile manufacturer might try to say that the repairs needed are excluded. However, you should always speak to a lawyer to get more information about your legal rights.

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Occasionally, car dealerships have a lot of difficulty diagnosing the exact problem the car is having. Dealerships try to duplicate the defect while they are diagnosing the problem. However, sometimes they fail to duplicate the problem. When this happens they usually don’t know why the malfunction is happening. If this happened in your situation, it might be the reason why the dealership didn’t fix your car.

On the other hand, sometimes the dealership is able to discover the actual reason why the car malfunction occurred. For example, there might be a device of the engine or the transmission that is broken or missing. Then, the dealership will probably try to fix the problem by doing what they believe is necessary to repair the car. Sometimes, the dealership is simply guessing and hoping that the specific repair techniques they use will be sufficient enough to fix the problem. However, it is common that their repair strategies fail completely or only temporarily fix the malfunction. So, in that situation additional repairs might be needed and can cause even more hardship for the consumer. Many people are able to win large money settlements in these situations.

Furthermore, sometimes dealers need to wait before doing the repair because they do not have the required car parts, equipment, or devices. The repairman might need to request the required materials from a far factory of the automobile manufacturer. Occasionally, it can take the dealership too many weeks to request and receive those materials. That can be the reason why the dealership did not do the repairs yet. They might be still waiting for materials. You should call a lawyer if this happened to you.

Dealership Didn’t Fix My Car?

The dealership should accept your car warranty if it is valid. However, car warranties generally have limitations involving the number of miles and months the warranty protects. The dealership will most likely not honor the warranty if its length of protection has ended. This can be why the dealership cannot help you. However, if you had purchased an “extended warranty,” then a greater number of miles and months are usually protected.

Also, you might have voided and terminated the warranty by making modifications to the vehicle. For example, if you added aftermarket parts to the car, it is possible that your car protection was voided.

In addition, you might have voided the warranty agreement in other ways. For example, in some limited situations if the vehicle is used for business purposes it can cause the warranty to be voided. Also, it can be voided if your car or truck is too heavy.

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