Dealer Refuses To Fix Car Under Warranty

Dealer Refuses To Fix Car Under Warranty

Your car dealer refuses to fix car under warranty? If in fact the dealer refuses to fix car under warranty, learn about your legal rights. Sometimes the dealer can do this, but in other situations it can be a bad breach of warranty situation. You might be able to win money.

Generally, when a dealer refuses to fix car under warranty, the dealer could be in violation of breaching the warranty. The car customer should be able to win legal compensation if the warranty was valid. Also, the required repairs must have been part of the warranty’s duties. The customer also must not have done anything such as car modifications that could be against the rules of the warranty.

Why are they not providing you with good service? There could be many reasons why they have chosen to not help you. However, they should not deny you negligently. For example, one reason they might have said no to you is because your warranty might have been expired. Most car warranties have specific limitations including a length of time they are valid for and for how many miles they are valid.

First, have you driven more miles than are protected by the warranty contract? If so, the warranty is probably not valid anymore. However, if you extended your warranty, the extra mileage allowed by the “extended warranty” must be considered as well.

Second, has the time period of your warranty already expired? If you are no longer inside the time when the warranty is valid, then that can be a problem. However, again if you extended your warranty, you might have some legal options. Speaking with an attorney can help you understand this better.

No Fee Unless We Win?

Third, if you did anything that breached the contract of the warranty, than your warranty might not work anymore. For example, you might have invalidated the contract if you made any modifications to the car, engine, transmission, or other part. This is a question of law and must be examined very carefully. Always speak with a lawyer and let them know if you made any alterations or modifications to the car.

Fourth, did you ever get into a car accident with the car? Sometimes, based on your exact warranty, getting into a car accident can terminate a lot of protections of the warranty. You should call us and speak to a lawyer immediately if you have been in a car collision. In some situations, the problems of the car might have caused and been the reason why you got into the car accident.

Fifth, you may have violated a different section of the contract. For example, there are some limitations if the car was being used for business purposes. Even if you used the car for your business, your warranty in a lot of situations can still be valid. Sometimes, the problem is when the business has too many cars that can void the warranty. It is important to review the exact terms of the contract and speak to a lawyer about your specific situation.

Dealer Refuses To Fix Car Under Warranty

You should speak to a lawyer that you can trust. We are a caring and friendly law firm prepared to speak to you. We know how annoying and frustrating it can be when a dealership is not doing what they promised. We work to hold car dealerships and automobile manufacturers accountable and responsible.

It is also important to know that you can take your car to a different repair shop or mechanic for general maintenance. That will not void your warranty. A different mechanic might be better at diagnosing the difficult problem. So, if the dealership is not honoring your warranty, that is a good second option. Also, you can try taking the car to a different dealership. You want to choose an attorney that you connect well with and that has the skills you require. Taking a law case from start to finish can take a lot of time and hard work that an attorney can handle for you.

Good important idea is to ask for the general manager GM of the dealership, because they might be more caring towards you. Also, even if the dealership rejects fixing your car, ask them to write a receipt for you saying that you took the car to them and showed it to them and the reason why.

In many situations the car dealership can fix the car problems with the factory warranty. However, even if they do repair your car, you could still potentially have a legal claim for all the problems your car had. So, the best thing to do is to always speak to a lawyer immediately. It is completely free to call us for your free consultation today. Every situation is different. This information is not legal advice. Always speak to a lawyer about your situation.