Dealer Has Had My Car For A Month

Dealer Has Had My Car For A Month

Dealer Has Had My Car For A Month. Important legal options if the dealer has had my car for a month are very important to know about. You may have a legal case for lemon law and be able to get paid compensation for the dealership having your vehicle in repair shop too long.

In general, if dealership has had my car for a month, I may be entitled to compensation through a lemon law buyback legal case. Pursuant to the lemon law, manufacturer dealerships have a duty to repair or replace defective cars under warranty within a reasonable number of visits or days. If they do not, you may be entitled to compensation.

A month or 30 days is too long for a dealership too have your car under repairs. You are paying for the vehicle, have places to be, responsibilities or a job, and just basically need your car that you are paying for. So, if the dealership is not keep up to their side of the warranty law, your consumer rights may kick in and entitle you to a nice chunk of compensation.

Dealer Has Had My Car

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