Chances Of Winning A Lemon Law Case

Chances Of Winning A Lemon Law Case

Chances of winning a lemon law case matters! Attorney Jimmy discusses chances of winning a lemon law case related elements and factors which are extremely important to your case. Figuring out the strength of your lemon law case is obviously a big deal.

Chances of winning a lemon law case depend on the type of problems your vehicle is having, the length of time the dealership repair shop worked on your car, the year of your car and the warranty it had during the repairs, where you got the car from, and other important factors.

You can also greatly improve your chances by truly having an experienced and aggressive attorney on your side. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is dedicated to this work and there is no coincidence that you are currently on this page reading this. We are one of the top lemon law firms and we are here for you. There is no fee unless we win your case.

Winning A Lemon Law Case?

You may have already started a lemon law case on your own or with another attorney. One good thing you can do is get a free second opinion with our law firm.

Even if your case has been denied or rejected or refused already, we can still represent you in many situations. That is because when an automobile manufacturer denies a valid lemon law case, you actually might be entitled to additional compensation in the form of civil penalties.

Civil penalties might double or triple your overall case settlement. Therefore, if the manufacturer has sent you a denial letter, do not think it is the end of the road. Instead, it might be able to rev into the next gear and call us for a free case evaluation.

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