Car Randomly Shuts Off

car randomly shuts off

Car Randomly Shuts Off

If your car randomly shuts off, you should learn your legal rights now. Get a completely free consultation with a car randomly shuts off lawyer today. In this post you can learn more about your legal rights, the lemon law, and how winning a financial settlement works.

Generally, car randomly shuts off lawyer Jimmy Hanaie represents individuals that have car problems and want to win financial compensation. A car randomly shuts off often when the vehicle has a defect such as a defective engine, transmission, or other part. Many lawyers work on a contingency basis so there is no upfront cost to you.

Often times, automobile manufacturers may be held responsible for the defective vehicle. They might be legally required to give you a buyback refund of the money you paid them. This generally falls under the lemon law or consumer rights area of the law. Ask us for more information.

It is very dangerous to be driving a vehicle and to unexpectedly get stuck on the road or freeway. Realistically, this can lead to car accidents and traumatic injuries of many kinds. If you do not take proper steps to drive a safe car, you may be putting your health and financial liability at risk.

No Fee Unless We Win?

You may come into this problem while you were driving or stopped. The car may have caused you to start idling, slowing down, wont start back up, and more. In many situations, if your car is having these kinds of problems you might be entitled to a large financial settlement. So if your car randomly shuts off, call now and get a free consultation with an experienced lawyer today.

You were probably going somewhere important when this happened to you. For example, you may have been on the way to work, school, or a special family event. It causes so much frustration and inconvenience when your car may put you at risk of losing your job. That is why our law firm stands up for consumers just like you when their cars are defective.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is available to speak to you about everything you have been going through. It may be the case that you have already spoken with the car dealership or automobile manufacturer. We want to know what they said to you and whether they denied or rejected helping you.

Car Randomly Shuts Off Lawyer

car randomly shuts off

Even if the automobile dealership has repaired your vehicle, you may still have a potential legal case. For example, your car could have problems but turns back on or starts right backup. In lemon law cases, people often win compensation back including things like the down payment they paid and a refund of their monthly car payments.

We love to help car consumers legally when their car randomly shuts off. Automobile manufacturers have a legal obligation and duty to provide safe and properly operating cars to consumers. So if you have leased or purchased a defective car, you may have a strong legal case. For example, you could possibly have a case against Ford, Nissan, Chevy, and others.

Take the time to give us a call today. You can call our law firm anytime for a free consultation with an attorney. We will speak to you right away or schedule a consultation with you at a time that works best. This is a very affordable service and there is typically no fee unless we win you compensation.