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Car Cannot Be Repaired Under Warranty?

Car Cannot Be Repaired Under Warranty

If your car cannot be repaired under warranty, you may have a “lemon law” case. If your car cannot be repaired by the dealership while under warranty period it might qualify as a lemon car. If the vehicle is not repaired or replaced after a reasonable number of dealership repair visits or days at the dealership, there may be a case. Winning a lemon law case generally means you may get a reimbursement of money you paid for the car.

When a car cannot be repaired under warranty, the consumer might be entitled to compensation from the automobile manufacturer. Generally, the consumer gets compensation through a lemon law buyback, cash and keep offer, or other monetary reimbursement. It is possible to get compensation back such as money paid for a downpayment and monthly car payments.

There is potentially a large settlement possible for you. Imagine getting back pretty much everything you have paid for the vehicle payments. Think about how much you paid for the downpayment and total up all your monthly lease or finance payments. It can be a whole lot of money.

What To Do When Car Cannot Be Repaired Under Warranty

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie can review the facts of your legal claim, speak to you about any aspect of your case, and hear what you have to say. Also, we can review your documents such as your repair invoices, vehicle work orders, and vehicle contract agreement.

There are many problems that vehicles have such as sluggish acceleration, shifting hard, wont turn on in cold or hot weather, not turning well, vibration when accelerating, noises from wheel bearing, and many other potential defects. Some of these problems are easier to get fixed than others.

Unfortunately, sometimes the dealership repair shop takes a long time to repair cars. Sometimes, they might of had the vehicle for a month or longer and still not be able to duplicate the problem or fully fix the issue. Often, they need to request parts from another dealership branch and it takes too long.

We are here to speak with you and go over your case together. Call us now to discuss your potential case. Call (800) 400-5050.

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