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Car Accident Prayer Quotes For Accident Victims

Compilation of the best car accident prayer quotes for accident victims and friends! If you are looking for prayer quotes for accident victims, you are in the right place. Provided by attorney Jimmy Hanaie, we hope you enjoy them and send them to your friends and family. They are very caring and thoughtful messages you can use on social media, text message, and more.


“I want to express my heart to you. Do you know? Because you mean so much to me. I have been praying for you nonstop ever since hearing about your car accident. But you know what? I know you are so powerful and strong and will feel much better soon. I send you beautiful prayers of health, positivity, prosperity, and happiness.”


“This is a prayer I send to the Stars. Thank you for being the person you are. You are more powerful than a car. Soon this situation will be so far. You will live a life beautiful like art. You know who is strong? You are. Sending you prayers from my heart..”


“Praying for your amazing health and speedy recovery from this. You are capable of so many amazing things in your life. This is because you are an amazing person. An amazing person with amazing health, strength, power, and more. If you need someone to speak to I am always here for you with an open door.”

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