Can You Sue Employer For Wrongful Death?

Can You Sue Employer For Wrongful Death

You can sue employers for wrongful death in some situations. If you have lost a loved one while at the workplace, you want to know if you can sue for wrongful death. However, this can be a very complex issue.

In some limited instances it might be possible to sue the deceased person’s employer for wrongful death. However, in most cases where a loved one passes away at their workplace or in the course and scope of their job, the claim becomes one for workers compensation, not wrongful death.

Workers compensation claims are sometimes faster than wrongful death claims, but many times do not have the same type of high insurance policies that are sometimes available for wrongful death cases.

Moving fast is very important if you believe that there might be a possible wrongful death case, because the evidence is very important and inspections and witness testimony might be increasingly important. The best place to start is by talking to an experienced lawyer for a free consultation.

Suing Employer For Wrongful Death

There are unfortunately so many different ways someone can pass away at the workplace from automobile accidents to construction accidents and more.

For example, many deaths happen at the workplace due to construction site accidents like falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, or getting stuck in between machinery, and other situations.

If the employer could have prevented the wrongful death from taking place, and was negligent in failing to prevent the death, in some situations you may be able to sue the employer for wrongful death. However, this is rare and must be carefully examined to see if it would be a possibility for you.

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