Can You Sue Car Dealership Service Department?

Can You Sue Car Dealership Service Department

Can you sue car dealership service department? Yes, you can sue a negligent car dealership service department in many ways. However, today I want to discuss the most popular way that people sue dealership service departments’ manufacturers and it is called the “Lemon law.”

You can sue car dealership service department under the lemon law if you have a vehicle that is under warranty and having problems that affect the use, safety, or value of your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle. You may be entitled to a large settlement as reimbursement for things such as your downpayment and money payments for your vehicle lease, finance, or purchase.

As you can tell, there are very large financial settlements available when suing automobile manufacturers. Think about all the money you paid for your downpayment, monthly payments, registration fees and more. A lot of this money can potentially be reimbursed to through a lemon law buyback.

How To Sue Car Dealership Service Department


You typically do not sue a car dealership service department directly in a lemon law case. Instead, you typically sue the actual automobile manufacturer itself such as:

  • Ford,
  • Nissan,
  • Honda,
  • Hyundai,
  • Toyota,
  • GM/GMC,
  • and other large companies.

Under the lemon law, these automobile manufacturers owe important duties and obligation to their customers and consumers. Important consumer rights like providing them with safe vehicles and fixing problems with the vehicle while they are under warranty or extended warranty.

Many times for a lot of reasons the auto manufacturers are unable to fix or switch the car with one that works. They either are unable to or they forget to care about their consumers enough to not give them the run around instead of just helping them remedy the issue as soon as possible.

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We know that you may have many questions about when and how you can sue a car dealership service department for failing to fix your car or taking too long sometimes lasting weeks or even months at a time.

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