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Can You Sue A Car Dealership For Bad Service?

Can You Sue A Car Dealership For Bad Service

Can You Sue A Car Dealership For Bad Service? You can sue car dealerships for bad service under the consumer rights lemon law under certain circumstances. However, there are a few important criteria that must be satisfied before you have a strong case.

You can sue a car dealership for bad service if your vehicle is defective and have problems under warranty that the dealership repair shop is unable to properly repair or replace with a reasonable number of repair attempts or consecutive days. You may be entitled to a lemon law buyback compensation reimbursement.

By using the rights and protections provided by the lemon law, many consumers of defective vehicles that are getting the run around from automobile manufacturers can now sue them for financial compensation. This compensation often includes reimbursement of downpayment and monthly lease payments or vehicle finance payments and more.

You Can Sue A Car Dealership For Bad Service

How does it work?

From the first call you make to our law firm all the way to the end, we will provide you with step by step instructions of how we can evaluate your vehicle lemon law facts to see if you might have a lemon law case.

You may be entitled to compensation from the dealership if they have provided yo with bad service, refused repairs, failed to replace your vehicle, or caused other problems. It is especially essential to call us if the problems your vehicle are having are serious issues and concerns involving the use, safety, or vehicle value.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie, esq. is experienced with these types of legal claims and can help provide you with the information or guidance that you need.

In addition, a great advantage of working with our law firm is that we will never charge you anything of pocket, because we only get paid when you win. Also, the dealership manufacturer may be required to pay your attorney’s fees due to their bad service and lemon law buyback denial.

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