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Can I Return A Faulty New Car

Can I Return A Faulty New Car

Can I return a faulty new car? Attorney Jimmy Hanaie discusses can I return a faulty new car to the car dealership when they are unable to repair the vehicle. This is a very important question that affects many people each year that have faulty cars.

Generally, can I return a faulty new car depends on many factors depending what the dealership tells you, the terms of your contract agreement, whether you qualify for the lemon law buyback laws, and other important considerations of can you return a faulty new car.

The lemon law provides legal protection to many car consumers when their vehicle has defects or problems that the dealership is unable to repair properly within a reasonable number of days or repair visits. If your car is under warranty and having problems covered by the warranty, the dealership should either repair or replace or repurchase the vehicle back.

Faulty New Car

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie loves fighting for individuals who are having car difficulties and problematic relationships with the car dealership. Car dealerships have legal duties and legal obligations to their customers as well as the public.

Cars are very important pieces of machinery. Car dealerships must fulfill their obligations under car warranties and if they fail to do they may be sued for the lemon law and might have to pay compensation to the consumer. However, it is important for the consumer to take all necessary steps and doing there part and not voiding their warranty.

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