Can I Change My Auto Accident Lawyer?

Can I Change My Auto Accident Lawyer

Can I change my accident lawyer? Yes, you are often able to change accident lawyers for an auto accident, car accident, or other personal injury. Generally, I can change your accident lawyer without requiring you to pay any money out of pocket.

The answer to can I change my accident lawyer is generally yes. It is generally a simple process to change your accident lawyer. Usually, there is no requirement for you to pay anything extra out of pocket. In addition, the process of changing your lawyer is typically handled by the new attorney.

Whether your situation involves an automobile accident, slip and fall, dog bite, wrongful death, or other type of accident case, we are here on your side.

In this article, I will explain some very important steps and pointers to keep in mind when considering to change your personal injury attorney. After all, there are a lot of attorneys and you want to have the best one that is experienced and aggressive.

Can I Change My Auto Accident Lawyer?

Can I Change My Auto Accident Lawyer

Similar to other accident cases, you also can usually change your auto accident lawyer depending on the status and stage of your case.

Even if your case has already settled or is currently in litigation or trial, you generally still can change your legal counsel or get additional legal help with your auto accident.

New LawyerPrevious Lawyer
Takes over handling the case.Sends the case file to new lawyer.
Table about changing accident lawyers.

When we take over a case from another attorney, it is a procedure that is performed and handled completely by our law firm upon your request and approval. This makes the process a lot more simple and fast for you.

The previous lawyer generally submits the entire case file over to our law firm within a day or two. That way we are able to simply takeover where the previous lawyer left off.

In addition, you are required to pay the previous accident lawyer nothing out of pocket. Instead, when we settle your accident case, we pay the previous attorney through the settlement funds.

Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer?

Can I Change My Auto Accident Lawyer

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